Do you know “what is Google Meet?” Google Meet is Google’s video conferencing service. This service lets you join virtual video and audio meetings with screen-sharing facilities. Also, at no cost from a free account, up to 100 people can join the conference with no time limits.

In G Suite for Education, one of the cord services is Google Meet. The noteworthy features of Google Meet are screen sharing, video and audio calling, easy to use, etc.

Google Meet works by enabling you to start or join a meeting. Hosting, scheduling, creating, or joining a meeting on Google Meet is very easy.

In today’s article, we will put light on Google Meet and explain what it is, its features, how it works, etc. We will also explain how to join or create a meeting on Google Meet. So, look at the article below and keep reading it till the end.

What is Google Meet

What Is Google Meet?

Google named its video conferencing service Google Meet. At zero cost, every Google account holder can use Google Meet. But initially, it was available only to enterprise customers. Later it becomes available to everyone. Google Meet is available on the web, tablets, and phones for iOS and Android.

Primarily, Google Meet is designed to host video conferences or meetings. But independently, you can enable a microphone and camera. Therefore, if you want, you can also use it for audio calls.

Moreover, you can invite your family and friends using Google Meet and create ad hoc calls. Your friends and family can join the meeting by tapping the meeting code.

One of the best aspects of using Google Meet is that you don’t need to install any software to use it on a desktop. Both the attendee and organizer of the call must use a modern web browser.

Google has introduced multiple chat services that have the same functionality. Thus, Google often changes its chat service’s name or retires them. By doing this, Google sometimes leads to more confusion.

Best Features Of Google Meet?

On its free plan, Google Meet supports up to one hour of meeting time. However, you can create or join the video conference or meeting as many as you like. So if you hit 1 hour of the time limit in your first meeting, you can host a meeting for the 2nd and 3rd time.

In a video conference or meeting, up to 100 participants can join. The meeting organizer can mute the other participants if the session reaches the limit size. However, Google Meet best filters out any background sound that isn’t speech.

Also, a live caption feature is available in Meet, which automatically creates captions of the participants’ words. The live captioning option is great for accessibility and is pretty reliable. However, the noteworthy features of Google Meet are as follows:

What Is Google Meet Cost?

Everyone using a Google account can create and join calls for free. You just need to have a Google account. However, not all features come with a free account. Google Meet has some exclusive features with the paid G Suite subscription only.

Per month, active users must pay $10 as the subscription fee. Enterprise users are the main customers of G Suite. Google Meet users can enjoy the following additional features from G Suite:

How Does Google Meet Work?

Google Meet creates video conferencing calls, allowing the participants to join the calls. So using Google Meet, you can either make or enter the calls. Now we will explain how Google Meet works in creating the video conference.

How To Create A Google Meet Call

How To Join A Call On Google Meet?

You can join a call on Google Meet following two ways. And those are:

1. Use a Meeting Code of Google Meet

Ask your video meeting host to give you access or a meeting code to join the meeting. After getting the code, enter this to join the meeting. However, if you are going to join the meeting from your desktop, then the procedure is different.

Go to your ‘Google Meet Website” on your desktop. And then, on the “Enter Meeting Code” field, input the code. And then finally, click Join.

However, if you use a tablet or mobile to join the meeting, launch the Google Meet app on your device. Then tap the “Meeting Code” option. Input the code in the field and finally tap “Join Meeting.”

2. Use A Invite Link On Google Meet

You must have an invited link to join the meeting using a link. So first off, ask your host to send you the invitation link to your session. The format of the meeting link is like

At the URL’s end, the characters are the meeting code. So you can use this code also to join the meeting that we already described in the first method. However, to join the meeting on your desktop, click the link. And automatically you will join the meeting.

If you aren’t logged in or signed in to your Google account, you must sign in or log into it. However, this method is not mandatory if the meeting hos is a G Suite user.

Moreover, if you use your tablet or mobile, you have to install the Google Meet app first. Then tap the link, and join the meeting.

To better understand how to use Google Meet, you can watch this video:

How To Sign Up The Google Meet?

You can sign in to Google Meet for fulfilling three purposes. And those are:

1. For Personal Use

Signing in is easy if you are a Gmail user using YouTube, Google Photos, Gmail, or other Google products. All you have to do is sign into your existing Google Account.

2. For Business Use

If you are already a user of Google Workspace, then signing into your existing account is easy. Just sign into it. But in case you aren’t a Google Workspace account holder, you must learn about this option for your business.

3. For Google Workspace Admins

Already Google Meet is a part of Google Workspace & Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals. However, if you want to use Meet as Google Workspace’s part, then turn on the video calling option for your organization.


How Do You Work on Google Meet?

Firstly go to and then click on the use a meeting code option. After that, enter the code and then click on “Continue.” After that, click on “Ask to Join.” After clicking on it, if someone in the meeting allows you access, you will join it.

How Do I Use Google Meet for Beginners?

The beginners first must open an event. And then, join with Google Meet by tapping the Join option. To join or start a meeting from your computer, see “Join a Video Meeting” or “Start a Video Meeting.”

What Are The Benefits of Google Meet?

The benefits are longer video calls, background noise cancellation, etc. Some more advantages are up to 100 participants at no cost, video call recording, Google Meet, to YouTube live streaming.

Final Words

Optimistically this article has been helpful enough. In the end, you have gotten the answer to your question, “What is Google Meet? “Google Meet is Google’s video conferencing service. For businesses and individuals, Google Meet is an excellent solution for meeting video and audio calls.

Google Hangouts is the origin of Google Meet. But it boasts some stunning features compared to Google Hangouts. However, we have already explained all the details in this article. If you have anything to know more, you can comment soon we will reply.

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