10+ Tips for Fix Your Super Slow Computer


Technology is such a thing where you want to stay always upgraded. At this time, everyone has a personal computer. In office or in personal work a computer is an important thing. We are going to discuss the Tips for Super Slow Computer. It’s very annoying that you’re working but your computer is working very […]

How to Build a Gaming PC 2022


Gaming is a big craze for game lunatics. Normally gaming PCs tend to be a stronger and different type than normal PCs. For those who play computer games, the computer configuration is very high-level. Graphics cards are very important for gaming PC. You need to select a PC that makes your PC fast and loads […]

Advantages of SSD Card


SSD is a flash-based memory technology. It stores our data like a hard disk. SSD card is essential to speed up a PC or laptop. Solid-state drives play a huge role in increasing performance. This flash storage from high rate spinning hard drive is able to provide many times more read write speed. There are […]

10 Most Common Printer Problems Fixed in 2022


If you are a computer user, then you should know how to find Common Printer Problems and then how it needs to  Fixed, it’s very irritating that you can’t find the printer problem. Printer is Device which collect graphic or written output from computer. Printer transfer the information which may be graphic or text onto […]

Best Android TV Boxes To Make Your TV Smart

Best Android TV Boxes To Make Your TV Smart

Instead of relying on cable companies, everyone needs a smart TV to view their favorite shows and movies. A smart TV is a cross between a computer and a phone. With the help of an Android TV box, you can turn any TV into a smart TV. You may use the smart TV box to […]

How Long Does a 32GB SD Card Last?

how long does a 32gb sd card last

A 32GB SD card can hold a significant amount of pictures and videos, depending on the resolution and size of the media, file format, and the quality of the card. In this article, we will explore in detail how many pictures and videos a 32GB SD card can hold and the factors that affect its […]

Can An SD Card Reader Read A Sim Card?

A person using sd card reader and sim cards on the table - Can An Sd Card Reader Read A Sim Card

Are you wondering if your SD card reader can read your SIM card? You’re not alone. Many people are confused about the capabilities of their SD card readers, and whether they can be used to read SIM cards. Unfortunately, the answer is no. SD card readers are designed specifically to read and write data from […]

9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Card


Now a days we all are too much depending on electric media such as mobile, computer, laptop, camera, headphone and many more. The world is now based on online. To collect many information, picture or song more over any data. We need to save it in a place. Although there have been advantages and disadvantages […]