10+ Tips for Fix Your Super Slow Computer


Technology is such a thing where you want to stay always upgraded. At this time, everyone has a personal computer. In office or in personal work a computer is an important thing. We are going to discuss the Tips for Super Slow Computer.

It’s very annoying that you’re working but your computer is working very slowly. At this time of high technology, If the computer takes time to load than people get bored. Repeatedly we keep pressing the keyboard of computer.

Fortunately, if you want to speed up your computer, you can follow some tips. You do not have to be a professional to speed up a slow computer. Some procedures need to be followed.

Tips for Fix Your Super Slow Computer

1. Shut down and Restart your computer

If your computer is slow, restart your computer first. Sometimes the computer hangs so much. So when you restart the computer, it may get faster.

If you run out of ram, the activities of computer may slow down. To clean up the RAM, You may need to restart. Surprisingly this makes your computer even faster than previous.

2. Delete unnecessary file

All system running out of space is one main cause to slow down your computer. We don’t need everything we have on our computer.

If you have Unnecessary, temporary, or duplicate files than delete this type unnecessary file. Computers take up a lot of space for these files. By consolidating these files, you can easily boost your PC’s performance. Its depend on you how much you delete junk from your pc.

3. Delating unwanted apps and Programmed

When you buy a computer, different types of apps are downloaded into a computer. Firstly, you have to identify those unwanted apps.

Than go to Control Panel or search box and you will get the option add or remove. You can remove or uninstall YOUR unwanted apps. This will too much helpful for your pc.

4. Keep the C drive blank

The important programs and files of a computer are stays in C drive. You should not keep movies, picture or any large data in that drive. If your c drive is full of storage than your Windows 10 pc will be naturally slower.

Moreover you have to keep free 50% space of C drive. A computer is a machine, which is always being upgraded.

So you running keep an eye on your computer at all times for running YOUR pc smooth and faster.

To do this click
My computer / file explore > C drive > Click right button > properties > Disk clean up.

5. Use SSD Card

There is Non-Technical Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster’s. If you want to fix your slower computer than you should use SSD Card. The full abbreviation is Solid State Drive. The reason of using this card is it Works faster than main HDD (Hard disk drive).

SSD Card is faster version. It has higher performance. If you want to load your games, application and Over loaded data in your pc fast than you should use SSD Card. Moreover, it allows computer to run cool.

6. Enough Ram memory

If you want to make your pc faster than upgrade your ram memory. This is a common Problem for users. The more RAM a computer has, the more upgraded the computer is.

7. Empty Recycle Bin

Is your computer get slower than make empty recycle bin. A full recycle bin can make your pc clogged.  Whenever you delete YOUR file it is not fully removed. It is just shifted by another folder where all deleted file are gathered.
So emptying your Recycle Bin is an important step for boost up your PC.

8. Enable your Windows Auto Update

Enable your windows auto update is major solution for slowing down your computer. If it has not been turned on for a long time, it will turn on slow automatically.
So this option should be turned on for the convenience of speeding up your computer PC.

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9. Remove Malware

Removing malware from your pc can make your computer faster. You can use a best antivirus for your pc. Adding anti-malware, spyware scanner and anti-virus in your pc can be a major solution for your pc.

10. Adjust System for Best Performance

Are YOU worried about your slow pc? Then it’s time to adjust your best system Performance setting.

To do it
Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System >

In this way, YOU find performance option where you have to choose setting option. Click your button for setting. Now you find an option that is adjust for best performance.

However, its time to Select your apply option for optimize your Adjust System for best performance.

11. Run a Disk Clean Up

As a result of using computer unnecessary files, internet history, cookies, and caches, take up a considerable amount of space on your hard disk. These files slow down our system. So Disk clean up system can speed up your pc.

12. Update your Software

For best result to faster your pc always upgraded your software.

To do this, Click the
Start Button > All Programs > Windows Update > Check for Updates.

13. Disabled Shadows, Animation and Visual effect

If you want to faster your sluggish pc than you can disabled shadows and animation visual effect.

If you are facing the problem of slow pc and all systems are sluggish than Try this tips to faster your computer. Make sure you have cheek all tips. All those tips is guaranteed solutions for your Super Slow Computer.

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