Screen Saver Settings In Windows 10

Screen Saver Settings in windows 10

In windows, the screen saver option includes this feature to protect your monitor from the burn-in. At present, the LCD brings with the new technology which protects from burn-in. In this time, screen saver uses for another entertainment purpose. The screen saver is a software program of the computer. It blanks the screen with moving images when the computer is off.

Nowadays, a Flat panel display is used to protect the burn-in. Moreover,  It is also used for aesthetic value.

Screen Saver Settings In Windows 10

  1. At first, open the setting options
  2. Press on the personalization option
  3. Clink on the lock screen
  4. Then you will get the Screen Saver settings link.
  5. Use the drop down menu which is under the screen saver.
  6. You have to  select  the screen saver you want to use.
  7. In the wait option,  you have to set how many times the screen saver on the number of minutes.
  8. You can also check the logon screen display option to lock your device when the screen saver turns on automatically.
  9. Then you have to click the apply button.
  10. Finally the ok button will be shown and click on it.

Screensavers for Windows 10

In the new windows, you can choose the screensaver and you also change how much time is spent on display. 


Who are using the mac, They know the Drift screensaver. IN 2020 This screen saver was introduced to the macOS.There are a few steps here. you have to follow 

  1. Have to Download the mp4 video and the SCR file from above.
  2. Right-click on the file explorer, VideoScreensaver. SCR has to press the Installations.
  3. Press the Settings button then a file will open 
  4. Select the dialogue.
  5. Take the video which is downloaded and select it.


Earlier in 2021, Fliqlo was the most popular screensaver. Due to the deprecation of Flash, Fliqlo screensaver is stopped now.  The lucky thing is, the developer revises so that it doesn’t require flash. If you want to use Fliqlo, you can use FlipIt, its alternative way of  Fliqlo. This screensaver is almost the same thing, but you can get a few extra options.

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Windows Built-in Options

You can see the hidden way screen saver settings are in windows 10, but This OS comes from a few built in screen saver options. You will not observe the greatest works of art like 3D Maze or Pipes here.There are   two or three old folks in there, just as some adorable other options and obviously the choice to look through your photograph exhibition.

Wallpaper Engine

This screen saver is the part of charm which is animated. one thing , Microsoft slows to the screensaver day by day. you can search the alternative way of this saver. Wallpaper Engine is a very comprehensive tool, it is available on stream to make animated wallpaper.

Hal 9000

Are you looking for a screensaver that is a well known and realistic experience of bridging? A Space Odyssey isn’t something everybody needs on the PC screen, yet science fiction fans will be unable to stand up to it. 

It’s a fantastic design with animations and smooth, regardless of whether you feel like, at any second, Hal 9000 may denounce any authority and turn on you without warning.


Rapidly it takes a journey through the creation, where you fly. It reminds us in 90s space movie, you can fly through a black hole.

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