10+ Tips for Fix Your Super Slow Computer


Technology is such a thing where you want to stay always upgraded. At this time, everyone has a personal computer. In office or in personal work a computer is an important thing. We are going to discuss the Tips for Super Slow Computer. It’s very annoying that you’re working but your computer is working very […]

Expanscape Introduces 7 Displays Laptop


Technology is a wonder where there are no barriers. Where there is only progress. This sector is constantly improving. New inventions are added to the list. We are accustomed to hearing 1 screen on a laptop. So it’s great news that we are going to introduce you to 7 Displays Laptop. Expanscape’s Created by a […]

10 Most Common Printer Problems Fixed in 2022


If you are a computer user, then you should know how to find Common Printer Problems and then how it needs to  Fixed, it’s very irritating that you can’t find the printer problem. Printer is Device which collect graphic or written output from computer. Printer transfer the information which may be graphic or text onto […]

Where is the SD Card Slot on Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4 - Where is the SD Card Slot on Surface Pro 4

You will find it underneath the kickstand. Are you looking for where you can insert the SD card on your Surface Pro 4? Are you thinking that what if your surface pro 4 doesn’t have a slot for SD card? But lucky you! Surface pro 4 has a place for an SD card. We all […]

Which Laptop Should You Go? Dell Or HP?


Moreover, The most dependable old leading best laptop brands are Dell or HP on the marketplace. When you think of buying a brand new laptop these two names come to your mind first for manufacturers’ excellent products. When you think about buying a laptop you should have to do some research about the brands, your […]

How to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life


Laptop or PC is an important gadget for full time work at present. Laptops or notebooks are one of our favorite things to carry time. Laptop battery backup provides good service but if for some reason your laptop battery backup does not provide good service, then there are some problems. Many people do not know […]

How to Connect Your Phone to Your Smart TV


Technology has made everything easier for us. Nowadays you can connect your Phone, Tablet, or Computer to your Smart TV or another streaming device to watch on your TV. At this time, most TVs are smart TV. So we can easily connect them with the internet or other apps or device. Don’t worry about it, […]