You will find it underneath the kickstand.

Are you looking for where you can insert the SD card on your Surface Pro 4? Are you thinking that what if your surface pro 4 doesn’t have a slot for SD card?

But lucky you! Surface pro 4 has a place for an SD card.

We all know how important it is to be able to add an SD card with your device. Luckily surface pro 4 has a slot for your SD card. There are lots of surface devices that do not have the slot for an SD card. But Surface Pro 4 has it.

It is underneath the kickstand.

So the answer to the question of where the SD Card slot on Surface Pro 4 is underneath the kickstand.

At times you will see people asking is there any slot for an sd card on surface pro 4? Even if there is a slot, what type of sd card will fit in there?

We will try to describe each thing that you are searching for in different articles. We will try to give you a sum up answer to all those questions.

So let’s start….

Does the Surface pro 4 have an SD card and what type of SD card can fit in it?

A lot of people love to store more and more memories in their device. This purpose can be fulfilled more accurately by using an sd card. Now coming to surface pro 4 does it have it?

Yes, they do have a place for SD cards. Surface Laptop models, Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro X models don’t have a built-in SD card reader. But the surface pro 4 and   later versions have them. It’s a microSDX slot and we can use any type of SD card now present at market.

Surface Pro 4 - Where is the SD Card Slot on Surface Pro 4

how do you put an sd card on surface pro 4

  1. Switch your device off
  2. Flip the device over and lift up the kickstand (there is a notch on both sides of the device to use to open the lift open the kickstand).
  3. Now you will find the place where you can insert the sd card
  4. Now, your SD card is ready to use.

How old is the Surface Pro 4?

It was released in 2015.

Where is the sd card slot on Surface pro?

it is on the right and side of your device.

Can I put an SD card in my Surface pro?

 Yes you can put an SD card to your Surface pro.

What is the largest sd card for surface pro?

512 GB is the largest sd card for Surface pro.

Final thought

I hope you’ve got the answer to the question you were looking for: Where is the SD Card Slot on Surface Pro 4; it is just under the kickstand. We tried to answer other questions for your convenience. I hope it was helpful. For any queries leave a comment down below. Stay blessed and happy.

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