10+ Tips for Fix Your Super Slow Computer


Technology is such a thing where you want to stay always upgraded. At this time, everyone has a personal computer. In office or in personal work a computer is an important thing. We are going to discuss the Tips for Super Slow Computer. It’s very annoying that you’re working but your computer is working very […]

Problem with opening recycle bin in windows 10


The Recycle Bin is a collector for storing deleted files on a computer. After deleting the unnecessary files on the PC, they go to the recycle bin in windows 10. Not finding a recycle bin for windows 10 or getting a recycle bin corrupted is a common problem. There are some Methods to Fix the […]

DNS Server In Windows 10

DNS Server in windows 10

When you take the internet connection for home or business, the internet service provider provides the Domain Name System (DNS) address, which helps access any sites. Usually, DNS servers work slowly at an unreliable time. To improve your internet, you can use third-party companies who have experience with Windows 10. What is DNS DNS  means […]

How to Use Miracast Screen Mirroring from Windows or Android

How to use miracast screen mirroring from windows or android

Miracast is a wireless display standard that comes standard with Windows 8.1, Android 4.2, and later versions of these operating systems. Casting your screen should be simple if you have a Miracast receiver plugged into a TV or another display nearby. This capability is also available on Amazon’s Fire OS smartphones and Microsoft’s Windows Phone […]

Top Solutions to Windows 10 Photos App Missing


The new Windows 10 Photos App, however, is not bad. We know that, we use the this to view photos. This Windows photo app is installed by default in each Windows 10 system. It came out after Windows 8 but to view photos on Windows it is the latest built-in options to view photos. Its […]

5+ Best Music Visualizer Tools in 2022 for Windows


Music is something you can use to keep your heart fresh. In a very short time, you can take yourself to another world by listening to music.  It is only through this music that we can do it very easily. However, Listening to music is not just about connecting headphones to our devices just to […]

Screen Saver Settings In Windows 10

Screen Saver Settings in windows 10

In windows, the screen saver option includes this feature to protect your monitor from the burn-in. At present, the LCD brings with the new technology which protects from burn-in. In this time, screen saver uses for another entertainment purpose. The screen saver is a software program of the computer. It blanks the screen with moving […]

How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10

Sometimes we need to change the display resolutions on a pc or laptop. In Windows 10, It’s not hard to change the display. If you need to shaper the resolutions in laptop, go to the default option and change the recommended size from a less than the stellar option. In this article, we discuss how […]