Top Solutions to Windows 10 Photos App Missing


The new Windows 10 Photos App, however, is not bad. We know that, we use the this to view photos. This Windows photo app is installed by default in each Windows 10 system. It came out after Windows 8 but to view photos on Windows it is the latest built-in options to view photos. Its interface is a nice for viewing very beautiful and very clear pictures in windows 10.

If you have an issue with windows 10 photos app not working, you need to fix it for viewing photo. Not only Images, Windows 10 photo app also give you the feature of editing your videos at a basic level.
There are several number of reasons why the Windows 10 Photo app is missing. In this article, we will give you top 5 solutions to windows 10 Photos App Missing.

Windows 10 Photos App Missing

Follow the rules below to solve the Microsoft Photo App missing problem. Make sure you Restart your computer after making any changes and see if your problem is resolved later. Let’s look at ways to solve the problem.

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Run the App Troubleshooter

If for some unknown reason, Windows 10 Photo App is missing, then user can run the Apps Troubleshoot to finding the issues what the reason is missing the Window Photo app. Troubleshoot will automatically help you to solve the problem. This means that many times your problem is solved through troubleshoot.

For this, Firstly type Troubleshoot in the Cortana Search bar.

Click Troubleshoot > Windows Store Apps > Run the troubleshooter


Now Follow the Instruction (prompts) and Finish the full process. Must restart your computer and see if the Windows Photo app works properly.

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