Now a days Android games can’t imagine without internet.  But its totally boring things that all-time you have to connect with WIFI or data.
So here we are presenting some of the best Android games.  A user don’t require Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection for playing these offline Android games.
But whenever an user are concerned about his game accomplishments or his level  of point, then he should down load his game via google Play Games or Apple’s Game Center. As a result  he may play his games offline and whenever data will be connected they will be immediately updated.

Is it actually necessary offline games

Offline Android games are really necessary for these generation.  Because Sometimes it happens that we want to stay away from the virtual world. We don’t want to connect with anyone. We don’t want to use different apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, imo or YouTube like that.
 Sometimes we are in a place where data connection WIFI cannot be reached. Then it becomes boring for us to use the smartphone. And it reaches the annoying stage to pass the time. So it is really necessary of offline Android games for game lovers.

The best offline Android games

There are a lot of advanced Android  rich games offline right now. Let’s take a look at some of the best games that don’t require an internet connection on your phone to play.
Alto’s Odyssey

1. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is The best offline Android game. Alto Odyssey offers beautiful graphics to its users. Its sound quality is very beautiful. Its sound system works well with its comfortable gameplay. Where you’d better spend time on the Alto Odyssey while offline. In this game, gamers get thriller experience by snowboarding in different terrains. This is one of the “best Android games” in The Verge Dynamic Physics-based gameplay.. Alto and his friends have to do snowboarding in the thrilling game against the backdrop of snow mountains. The gamer has to survive to avoid crashing.

Temple Run 2

2.Temple Run 2

The Temple Run game is very popular offline game. In this game player have to run endlessly. At this time the user will not be able to fall or fall into any trap. Terrible enemies are left behind. Coins and other items can be collected while running. Temple Run 2 features the same controls as its predecessor. so user have an idea about these game. The game also features new power-ups. The game was so successful that a movie of this name was made.

Rush Rally 3

3. Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 is the most realistic rally simulation on your mobile. The best offline android games which is so much Popular for its  unique stage and
Different surface. It can be played offline so that real-time multiplayer, social leaderboards and ghost racing systems allow any player to race at any time. This game has won recognition among fans of the genre. It contains excellent graphics, detailed animation, realistic physical model, an impressive selection of real cars that attracts the new generation.

Mini metro

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4. Mini metro

Mini Metro is a puzzle strategy video game which is popular offline game. It is focused on making subway maps.This is offline game which is very colorful and interesting. It connects to a bright and colorful track. More and more pops up over time. The transit system aims to keep things moving smoothly even when dozens of stops and balloons are moving in multiple lines.

Bricks Breaker Puzzle

5. Bricks Breaker Puzzle

Break Bricks is a new challenging game like playing offline on Android. The rule of the game is that it brings familiar gameplay with unexpected obstacles. This time you can achieve a certain level if you can destroy all the bricks with the skill of paddle and ball ricochet below.
Another feature of Brix Breaker Puzzle is that it offers a multiplayer mode. Here you can compare your statistics. But the feature is only available online.

Crossy Road

6. Crossy Road:

Crossy Road is one of the most offline popular mobile games. Its an arcade video game. You do have to make sure the latest content is downloaded because Whenever you play its Functions may be turned off or work may be stopped occasionally.
The system of the Crossy Road offline game is to move the game forward through the endless path of obstacles as far as possible without death.


7. Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox video game which is also popular for its offline system. Its has high quality. For this reason new generation can play this easily without wifi or data connection. Its free for its user. Anyone can play Minecraft for free on web browser. There is  no need to download or install anything. Many game experts have described the game’s approach as unrealistic. Even then it is very popular.
​Availability: $7.99 with in-app purchases

Subway Surfers

8. Subway Surfers

The most downloaded game for Android smartphones on the internet is subway surfers. The players of this game take on the role of young graffiti artists. Here they are caught doing the work of “tagging” a metro railway site. He then runs along the railway tracks to escape the inspector and his dog. The police can catch him at any time. There are also ways to collect coins while leaving the police behind. In addition, jetpacks and gifts can be collected. It’s enjoyable  game to play.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

9. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft auto is a action-adventure game which a user can play in offline.
The game is set so that players can explore and communicate in their spare time. It is a popular game for Android users. Grand Theft is allowing you to continue your game when you are offline.

ICEY Offline Hack-and-Slay

10. ICEY: Offline Hack-and-Slay

ICEY: Offline Hack-and-Slay is a fun and thrilled based game. Players run and fight at different stages of this thriller game. The game provides a satisfying beat-up experience. A friendly narrator shows you the way. It has nice graphics, smooth controls and decent game. This is a side scroller with a unique story. The narrator always tries to trip you and force you to do the wrong things. The game offers fast-paced and truly fun battle mechanics, boss fights and experience.

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