10 Most Common Printer Problems Fixed in 2022


If you are a computer user, then you should know how to find Common Printer Problems and then how it needs to  Fixed, it’s very irritating that you can’t find the printer problem. Printer is Device which collect graphic or written output from computer. Printer transfer the information which may be graphic or text onto a paper.

Printer makes official, educational or event works more easier. Printer is a device, controlled by a computer.

Easily, we can say that something prints that computer’s output on paper. Sometimes it happens that user can’t find printer.

So here is some tips that what to do when can not find printer.

10 Most Common Printer Problems Fixed in 2022

1. Reboot Your PC

Whenever you can not find printer in Your pc then reboot your pc. Its not 100% sure that You get your printer back in this method but reboot your pc can might solve the problem.

2. Troubleshooter

Firstly you to try running Printer troubleshooter and check if it fixes the issue. To do so kindly follow the below given steps:

Type troubleshooting in the search bar > Select Troubleshooting > select View all on the top left corner > Click on Printer > Follow the on-screen instructions to run the troubleshooter.

3. Check the Connection

Printer is a very important in educational and official sector. With the help of this printer various geographical maps, weather Print related maps, various types of large signboards, engineering drawings, advertisement posts etc. Used to do. So if u can’t find it then check the connection of printer. Its very necessary to connect the printer correctly.

4. Disabled antivirus

Disabled antivirus is the one of best tips to fix common problem of printer. Sometime user can disabled the antivirus software. Then Printer connection can come back.

5. Check Router connection

When your computer can’t find printer then check router connection. Sometimes when an user wants to connect printer via router then it might be a problem. So check your router connection. You can on/off your router.

6. Update windows

Printer is a device that converts computer output into printed images. It is used for various technologies. So if you can’t find printer connection than you can easily update your windows 10. Hopefully the work will be done.

7. Check printer settings

Check printer settings can be a great solution. If an user can’t find printer in her/his pc, then check printer settings.
To do,

Settings window using the Windows key + I shortcut > select Devices in the options list > click Printers and scanners in the left pane and uncheck the box that says Let Windows manage my default printer.

Follow this tricks. It will be connect your printer.

8. Update printer film

If you update your printer film, your problem will be solved.
Download and install firmware updates to the printer firmware. Lastly Reboot the PC for these updates to take effective.

9. Configure IP Address

Whenever you can’t find printer in your pc, then configuring your ip address. The best way to do this is to open the router’s admin page, identify your device in the list of devices available on the network, and tweak the settings to assign a specific address to your device.

10. Delete unnecessary files

Whenever you Can’t find your printer in your pc then you can delete you unnecessary file. Delete all the files present in the PRINTERS folder. Remember, you have to delete only the folder contents, not the entire folder itself.

Hopefully you can now Connect your printer.

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