Expanscape Introduces 7 Displays Laptop


Technology is a wonder where there are no barriers. Where there is only progress. This sector is constantly improving. New inventions are added to the list. We are accustomed to hearing 1 screen on a laptop. So it’s great news that we are going to introduce you to 7 Displays Laptop.

Created by a UK company called Expanscape recently revealed Aurora 7 prototype features 7 displays laptop. But still it’s not available for public release. Seven screens is going to be a big issue for those companies who do multitasking work like operation systems, Financing, Data Service etc. This laptop will be helpful for mobile security operation issues. Aurora laptop will be the basic need for content creator and security developer. Because their work is multitasking. Connect Your Phone to Your Smart TV


Main Features of Aurora 7 prototype 7 Displays

  • This laptop carries 17.3 inch 4k display with 2160p resolution.
  • This laptop is powered by an Intel i9 9900K processor.
  • 64Gb RAM with 2 TB hard drive storage. Upgrade your RAM on PC
  • The prototype version of the laptop weighs about 11.6 kg
  • It is 4.3 inches thick.
  • It including Middle class graphics card, the Nvidia GTX 1080.
  • This laptop needs much improvement. Experts say that it was a great invention but need perfect Improvement.
  • In future addition Expanscape wants to use the Nvidia RTX 2070 instead, with options for the AMD Ryzen 9 3950x processor or Intel’s i9-10900K. Fix Your Super Slow Computer


Actually this prototype laptop is like a trial version. So no one can say when it will be released. Expanscape says maybe in the future Couple of 7 displays could be purchased. In that case, there was no opportunity to know the price. Because, Expanscape does not want to disclose the information.

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