How to Upgrade your RAM on PC


RAM is an important part of both desktop computer and laptop. Low Ram can be the cause of sluggish or slower pc. So, we need to know how to Upgrade RAM on a PC.

RAM is a short form of Random Access Memory. It’s a device which helps to run your computer’s application. A ram can enhanced speed and gives a better performance of a computer. We are always worried about the speed of our computer. We can increase the speed of our computer through RAM. In this article, we will show you how you can easily increase the speed of your computer by following a few simple steps. You can see the process 10+ Tips for Fix Your Super Slow Computer

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How to upgrades your ram

When you start a task on a computer, your processor is always requesting data one by one. And The sooner it is sent the better. This is a main work of RAM. However, if your ram is not enough for your pc you can upgraded your ram. You can easily increase the performance of your PC by upgrading the memory size. So here, we are present to give you the tricks:

1. Power of your computer

In order to upgrade the RAM of the computer, first of all you have to power of the computer. Unplug all cable for upgrading ram.

2. Opening computer

Since you want to upgrade the computer, first of all you have to remove the screws from the computer case.

3. Locate your ram

Once you open your computer, you have to find RAM. If you locate your ram then you can easily remove your ram. If you cannot then see you manual catalog.

4. Replacing Ram

Now that you have found the champ, your job is to open the RAM modules. If you have a screw on the modules, you can remove it by pushing them.
You are not permitted to touch the tops, and never touch the gold connectors! You can only touch your RAM modules by the corners and edges.

5. Insert new ram

After doing above all process you can insert you new RAM. Push it into there where you removed the old RAM from. Make sure that the RAM is clicked and all is tight.

6. Replace and close your computer case

You have done all work. Now its time to replace and close your computer. You have to tighten pc’s screw and check it.

7. Connect all cords 

Your work is done. Now connect all cords and plug all the cables back in. You can now open your pc and yes you have upgraded your RAM.

If you follow the above rules, you can easily speed up your computer through RAM. You can do your work much faster now from your previous PC. By this procedure, you can Upgrade RAM on a PC.

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