9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Card


Now a days we all are too much depending on electric media such as mobile, computer, laptop, camera, headphone and many more. The world is now based on online. To collect many information, picture or song more over any data. We need to save it in a place. Although there have been advantages and disadvantages of Memory Card.

Memory card or SD card is an important thing of for saving data. It has many advantages and disadvantages of memory card.

9 Advantages of Memory Card

1. Easy to use: As memory card or SD card is small in size we can use it easily in our any device. It takes a small place. However, it is operating system also easy. Anyone can handle it.

2. Non-volatile Storage: Having non-volatile storage, any data can be stable in memory Card. For power, failure data of memory card will not threatened. It is not necessary to refresh regularly.

3. Increase storage capacity: Today’s memory card has huge storage capacity with lightweight and small size. Though smart phone has limited memory, SD card or memory card enhance the capacity of phone’s storage. By adding memory card, we can adding space for our device.

4. Portability and Removing: Easily fit in any device and remove from any device for its size. After removing it we can bear it anywhere.

5. Flexibility to use: It can easily use in any device like smart phone, ipod, computer etc

6. Power requirement: Memory card use low amount of power for its function. So it’s not harmful for device battery.

7. Budget friendly: Most of all like other data saving product it is not high in price. For its budget friendly price anyone can use it in there smartphone instead buying of high storage phone.

8. Reduce phone memory consumption: By input memory card in phone we can replace more music, photos videos or any large data. By doing this we can add space for phone. It will help phone memory  to stop running out.

9. Easily used in PC: It can be use easily in any pc by card reader for its easy access. The card reader will connected by USB port and cable with the pc.

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7 Disadvantages of Memory card

1. Finite read: For using flash memory its lifespan gradually decrease after using it.

2. Supporting problem: By frequently upgrading it the device will face problem to supporting them.

3. Deletions without user acknowledge: In the time of transfer any data or files from memory card to pc its prone to undergo deletion without users acknowledge. This is ready bad disadvantages of memory card.

4. Easily damageable: For the size of memory card, it can be damaged or lost without proper care.

5. Slower the phone’s memory: When we use memory card in phone it can slow the speed of phone’s internal memory.

6. Electronic problem: Sometimes memory card can be unreadable for electronic corruption.

7. Using non brand memory card harm phone’s performance: Without branded company, using memory card can damage phones performance. After removing SD card phone will lose some if it’s apps without user’s acknowledge

Regular user can use memory card for its easily supporting way. For its friendly budget.

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