Today we will highlight an important issue, How to Unblock A Number On Android. A time may come when some numbers have to be blocked on your android phone. But after some time or days, thinking you miss that person and want to unblock the number from the block list.

How to unblock a number on Android 

In this step, you have to decide which number you want to unblock, it depends on the operating device and which device you are running. Follow the tips and scroll down. 

Unblock contact from the setting menu

In another way, how to unblock contact from the settings menu, we inform you that this is the best process to follow if you want to recover from it.

  1. Open the setting, click the phone option and also click on block contacts.
  2. You will see the edit option, which will be in the top-right corner.
  3. Click the minus icon and select the unblock option. Remove it from the unblock list. Tap to the done button and then click on the save option.

How many people have blocked lists?

Moreover, there are some numbers where blocking was the only option. Do you know how many numbers are in your block list? Check the list in the setting option and get it.

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Frequently asking questions 

What happens after block a number on Android? 

Who blocks that person can’t get any notification from the culprit. When anyone calls the block number, he listens to the one ring and voicemail. If the message is sent, he doesn’t get any notifications from the block number that blocks the numbers. 

How can I see the numbers I’ve blocked? 

In Android device, click on the Phone icon, go to the Settings option, and get the block list to view numbers.

How can you see messages from blocked numbers?

You will see the upper-right corner where you get the android Messaging app, click the menu icon, then Settings after the blocked messages.

How can you stop blocked numbers from leaving voicemails?

While you didn’t get any android settings to prevent them from leaving a voicemail, you have to contact customer care and tell them to block a specific number that sends the voicemail.

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