The finest news apps for Android and iOS will keep you up to date on what’s going on in the world right now.

You’ll want one of the finest news apps on your phone whenever there’s a breaking story – and there always seems to be these days. You can stay informed by downloading a news app, with the finest alternatives going beyond the headlines to help you learn more about the world around you.

Once upon a time, RSS-style feed readers were sufficient for keeping up with the latest news. The greatest news applications these days provide more, whether it’s coverage from several sources or layouts tailored to your smartphone screen.

From Apple to Google, all of the major firms have their own take on the news, and we’ve highlighted some of those alternatives here. However, we’ve also looked at additional options, such as news curators and feed readers, that represent the top news applications for Android and iOS.

Best Android News App

The best news apps for Android and iOS

Google News

It’s no surprise that Google has jumped into the newsreader app business, with its Google News app attempting to bring the most relevant news, features, and local stories to your touch screen by harnessing the search giant’s big data skills.

Google News gives readers a personalized news briefing of the top five articles of the day, updated throughout the day based on global news, local content, and your interests, as well as a newsfeed of other information.

The “Full Coverage” button underneath each title card, which pulls up different opinions and publications on the same topic, is a feature we like because it gives us a larger perspective on the story. You can also subscribe to your favorite news sources, with the premium magazines, newspapers, and online subscriptions available.

Apple News

The Apple News app comes pre-installed on your iPhone or iPad and provides a range of news stories from various sources. Editor-curated feeds keep you up to date on the newest news and special interest stories, whereas a customizable newsfeed allows you to choose your preferred topics. Based on your reading habits, the Feed learns and improves its suggestions. With iOS 14, you may get headlines without ever opening the app by using a home screen widget.

Apple has toughened up its new app as part of its drive into services, introducing News Plus in 2019. This $9.99/month subscription service gives you access to over 300 magazines, including Time, Sports Illustrated, and Wired, as well as premium content from The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times. Apple has also launched audio stories, which include a daily audio briefing on the most important news.

When we tested Apple News Plus, the app’s organization didn’t wow us, but at least Apple has come up with more inventive methods to pay for the service. News Plus is included in the Apple One bundle. News Plus is included in the $29.95/month premier bundle, as are all other Apple subscription services such as Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, and Apple Fitness Plus.

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Microsoft News

Microsoft, not to be outdone, has released its own mobile news app, Microsoft News, which includes a variety of curated news selections as well as a personalized, topical news stream. Your news stories are easily accessible thanks to the Home Screen and Today Widgets, and a clean, clutter-free reader keeps things tidy and distraction-free.

Users can customize the layout, choose a dark theme, save content for offline reading, and sync settings across their accounts. The app gathers information from a wide range of sources, including traditional news organizations and newspapers, as well as entertainment publications, websites, and social media outlets.

AP News

Check out the Associated Press’s mobile app for one of the top news applications with a more traditional approach. The Associated Press’s network of local, national, and international news journalists contribute to AP News.

Users can follow their favorite news topics as well as local AP-affiliated news sources, view photo galleries, listen to video and radio news, and sign up for personalized news alerts depending on their preferences.

Reuters News

Reuters Events delivers a broad perspective on world news, as well as the chance to narrow down and generate a more personalized news stream with your preferred themes, with content from more than 2,000 reporters in 180 countries. You can also search for news that is relevant to your locality.

Users may keep up with the latest news with Editorial Highlights and keep track of the numbers with their own Market Watchlist. Users can also bookmark stories for offline reading on Reuters News.


The aforementioned Apple News Plus subscription isn’t the first app to provide an endless supply of paid news content from magazines and outlets. inkl gives you access to content from a number of sources, including The Guardian, The Straits Times, The Economist, Bloomberg, and others.

All of this is presented in an ad-free reader interface with options for following favorite topics and filtering news for relevance, as well as related stories for multiple views, curated collections, and Good News to brighten things up.

Monthly ($9.99) and annual ($99.99) subscriptions are available; a $10 pay-per-article tier allows you to read 100 articles for $10.


Inoreader is a customizable news and feed reader program that has something for everyone, from free users to those who want to upgrade to pro mode. Users can subscribe to RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts, social media searches, and more, with features such as search, a personalized dashboard, and the ability to save to services like Pocket and Google Drive, as well as share to scheduling services such as Buffer and HootSuite.

You can get unlimited topic and feed subscriptions, rules-based automation, feed filtering, and other additional features to personalize your feed reading if you upgrade to the $50 yearly Pro subscription.


Feedly ranks among the greatest news apps by continuing to champion conventional RSS reader-style apps in the wake of Google Reader’s untimely demise. Users may sign up for Feedly and then follow their favorite topics, websites, blogs, keywords, social media accounts, and more, with the app providing a constant feed of the latest from the topics they follow, as well as a customizable list and reading views to fit their preferences.

Best of all, because Feedly is based on RSS, you can manually add your favorite feeds if you can’t find them in the app’s vast library of themes and keywords.

While the app is free, a Feedly subscription costs $7 per month and unlocks capabilities such as more sophisticated article search, app connectors to instantly store material to a number of services, and automation and integration via IFTTT and Zapier.

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