Video chatting is an excellent alternative when you can’t attend an in-person meeting. Google Meet makes attending video chatting easier as it is a video conferencing tool. Google developed Google Meet, which is free with every Google account. But the beginners often ask how to use Google Meet?

Genuinely speaking, starting up or joining a meeting on Google Meet is straightforward. Some basic requirements include having a browser, operating system, compatible device, etc., to use Google Meet.

The advanced features of Google Meet include screen sharing, screen recording, call-in options, and live closed captioning. Even though Google Meet provides different facilities and features, but you can face different problems too. But don’t worry, all these troubles are easy to solve.

Throughout this guide, we will explain the A-Z details of Google Meet for the beginner’s better understanding. So, let’s dive into the main discussion:

What Is Google Meet?

Before jumping directly to the discussion of how to set up Google meet, you need to know what Google meet is. Google developed a business-focused video conferencing tool named Google Meet.

The former name of it is Google Hangouts Meet. Over time Google Meet replace Google Chat and Google Hangouts video chat. And also, for business purposes, Google Meet offers some enterprise-use features.

The enterprise features of Google Meet are excellent for both large and small businesses. Also, Google Meet is a popular option for any organization and school. Meet naturally fit almost all the native video and audio conferencing needs. And most importantly, it’s easy to learn how to use Google meet.

In a word, Google Meet for conducting remote video conferences is a great platform. This platform offers excellent free features which are more affordable than its competitors.

Also, using Google Meet is easy and secure to navigate. Google Meet is the best example that Google creating user-friendly productivity software.

using google meet

What Are The Requirements For Using Google Meet?

The first and foremost requirement for using Google Meet is you will require a Google account. If you have an account, you will require the following to use Google Meet.

However, for school or work, Google workspace users will require the following things:

What Google Meet Offered?

Before discussing how to set up a call on Google meet, it’s crucial to understand Google Meet in terms of different product tier. In general, Google Meet offered the following:

1. Google Meet Basic

The user can use Google Meet’s free version for 60 minutes per session. And the users can have 100 participants maximum in the room. The Basic tier’s features are also available in the Enterprise and Business essentials packages. Nonetheless, the noteworthy features are:

2. Google Meet Enterprise

You can personalize the pricing package of G Suite Enterprise Essentials for larger businesses. So the exact price of Google Meet Enterprise varies. Usually, the Enterprise package supports up to 300 hours of conference time, with the highest of 250 participants.

Also, under this package, you will enjoy the sessions unlimitedly. So you can have the conference or call in your corporation any time. This package supports the live streaming in-domain with 100,000 viewers highest.

In addition to the Essentials and Free packages’ all features, Google Meet Enterprise offers intelligent noise canceling. Also, it provides users with Google drive access. Moreover, this package reduces all your tension regarding how to use Google meet efficiently.

3. Google Meet Business

Per month the starting pricing package per user is $10 for the G Suite Essentials package. Google Meet under this package can support a single conference with 150 participants maximum, with 300 hours.

An unlimited amount of sessions are available for the users, just like the free version. Aside from the free version’s all features, G Suite Essential users will enjoy more benefits. The users of this package will have access to international and domestic dial-in phone numbers.

How To Start A Meeting On Google Meet?

The newbies often ask how to set up a Google meeting. Sometimes beginners think that setting up a meeting on Google Meet is tough. But its not true.

Now we will provide a guide to conducting a successful Google Meeting. So go through the step-by-step instructions below:

1. Log Into Google Meet

Everyone can freely use Google Meet. But you can start and host the conferences on Google Meet if you have a Google Meet account. To log into the Google Meet account, type the on your browser. Or click on the icon of Google Meet, and you can log in.

2. Schedule or Start A Meeting

After logging into the account, if you want to begin a meeting, select “Start A Meeting.” You must name your meeting room if you are starting a Google meeting. So don’t panic thinking about how to host a Google Meet, as it is effortless.

3. Prepare Meeting Room

After naming your meeting room in Google Meet, your next job is to prepare your meeting room. You can prepare the meeting room by allowing your microphone and camera permissions.

Also, you can set up the presentations and screen share your prepared presentations. There is no need to say that to position your camera well; you will require some time.

So before the meetings begin, you must ensure your camera is well positioned, and your room has adequate lighting. Also, before sharing the screen, ensure there is nothing private or personal you don’t want to show.

4. Invite Members To Join the Meeting

So the last but most important step for conducting a meeting is to invite the members to join the meeting. To invite the members, Google Meet will provide you the Meet room-related specific link. Before starting the meeting, you must send the meeting link to the invited participants.

How To Join A Meeting On Google Meet?

Google Meet comes with every free Google account. But do you know how to use Google Meet? Google Meet is a video conferencing program. You can meet with people through video conferencing using your mobile device or computer.

The host will invite you to the room with the meeting link to conduct a meeting. And by clicking on the link, you can join the meeting on Google Meet. Now we will tell you the easy way of joining a meeting on Google Meet. So, go through it:

Note: Instead of the email invitation, you can receive the invitation from Google Calendar. In this case, you can click on the event to get more information. Afterward, click on the button “Join With Google Meet.”

What Are The Advanced Features Of Google Meet?

Google Meet offers many more features to its users to ensure the smooth running of the meeting. Across the video conferencing platforms, Google offers standard features. And most importantly, Google Meet executes those features in a better way.

Some of the noteworthy features of Google Meet are as follows:

1. Screen Sharing

At a time, Google Meet allows one member to share their screen. Usually, the host shares the screen as it is reserved for them, especially if the host wants to present anything.

When the host prepares something for the presentation, they can share the screen to present it to the other members of the meeting. This option is perfect for sharing documents, reports, webinars, or online lessons.

The encrypted privacy features of Google Meet ensure that anything you share through screen sharing is safe and secure. Also, the uninvited participants won’t access your shared documents on Google Meet.

2. Screen Recording

The users of Google Meet can also record the meetings if they want. For the following reasons, the screen recording is a fantastic feature.

3. Call In Options

If you are not available to join the video chat, then you can use the call-in options of Google Meet. This option comes freely with Google Meet. And it’s a massive plug for the users. 

You can use Google Meet’s call-in option to call international and domestic phone numbers.

Any team member from anywhere worldwide can participate in the meeting with this call-in option. This option is beneficial when the users don’t have computer access using the remote or mobile teams.

4. Live Closed Captioning

Users who are hard of hearing can enjoy the Live Closed Captioning features. As the speaker talks, the captions become live.

Also, to emphasize which speaker is speaking, you can highlight or pin specific speakers. Google Meet’s one of the most underrated part is this feature. But it is a favorite of many users also.

5. Google Meet Integrations

Google Meet integrations is another feature that the users can access through different Google services.

However, you can ideally schedule your meeting if you know how to use Google Meet’s various integrations. Also, you need to operate these integrations efficiently to get better results.

6. Gmail

Through your standard and active Gmail account, you can easily access Google Meet. You can have the active meet room’s access by logging into Gmail.

Just by clicking on the room, you can join the meeting. Also, using your Gmail, just like the Calendar, you can send an invite for the meeting.

What Factors To Consider While Using Google Meet?

Setting up, conducting, and joining a Google Meet is very secure and easy. Still, in terms of accessibility and cyber security, you must consider the following factors:

1. Privacy

Google is famous for keeping unwanted participants out and maintaining good security. But while you are sharing any items in Google Meet, it’s your essential job to uphold your privacy rights.

Different non-disclosure agreements, HIPAA, and other regulations are entirely in the participant’s hands. So you must maintain your privacy while using Google Meet.

2. Apps

Google Meet has an Android / iOS mobile app. using the apps, you can get video conference and chat room access. And also, from your phone, you can get the alert.

Best Practices for Google Meet

Joining a meeting or call on Google Meet is extremely simple. But many beginners don’t know how to use Google meet. Using Google Meet becomes more exciting and productive if you follow some best practices. Those practices are:

1. Change The Speaker Layout

You can focus on the essential speakers through the speaker layout. Using the speaker layouts, you can create the most frequent speaker panel or highlight a single speaker.

Also, you can place everyone in equal-sized boxes for more minor calls. The easy steps to change the speaker layout are as follows:

2. Enable Live Captions

Live caption is real-time transcribe speech. Enabling the live captions is a good option if you are on a loud commute.

3. Pin Speakers

When the other members talk in the meeting, it’s ideal for pinning the speakers. Pinning the speakers may not be essential for small meetings with 2 or 3 persons. But following the practice is necessary when attending the bigger meeting through Google Meet.

4. Customize Your Background

If you have a messy background behind you, customizing it is ideal. You can convert the quirky one to a simple portrait blur through background customization.

5. Adjust the Video Resolution

To connect easily with the meeting, we recommend you adjust your resolution. You can change the incoming and outgoing video resolution according to your preferences. And if you aren’t speaking, you can also set someone’s video resolution to downgrade.

6. Cast The Meeting to Another Display

Google Meet allows you to cast your meeting to a Google Nest or Chromecast display. You can switch devices without rejoining or leaving the call through this option.

7. Tweak Host Management Settings

For small calls, the host management settings of Google Meet are sufficient. But to continue the more extensive calls smoothly, you need to do the proper tweaking.

8. With Extensions Improve Your Meet Experience

The extensions are a powerful way to improve the experience of using Google Chrome and Google Meet. You can see some of the available extensions by visiting the Chrome Web Store.

Extensions are available to add push-to-talk functionality, create breakout rooms, and more. However, you can try Scribble to save and record your meeting transcript to Docs automatically. Also, to keep the more crucial meeting attendance, you can use Google Meet Attendance.

Troubleshooting Common Google Meet Issues

After setting up or joining a meeting and starting to use Google Meet, you may encounter several problems. Now we will tell you how to solve all these troubles.

1. Low Video & Audio Quality

While using Google Meet, if you are having trouble with the low video and audio quality, then you must do the following:

2. Poor Audio Quality

To solve the poor audio quality problem, you need to inspect the audio peripherals of the users and look for network issues. We recommend you check the users’ mobile and computer device peripherals and troubleshoot the speaker mic. Also, look for network disputes. If there are any, fix them.

3. Users Have No Audio

When users in Google Meet have no audio, it’s irritating. So to solve this problem, ensure the speaker and microphone are not muted. Meet fails to receive the audio from the users when the Audio sign next to the person’s profile image is not moving.

Also, ensure the speaker or microphone is not muted on the user’s device. And make sure in your Meet settings you have selected the correct speaker and microphone. Finally, check and ensure the speaker volume is not muted.

4. Poor Video Quality

Due to insufficient lighting in the room or network issues, you may face poor video quality during your Google Meeting. However, to identify the problem, you must ensure the receiver and sender have enough CPU power and memory.

Narrow down the issue like network or location segment. And find out whether the issue is from the receiver or sender side. And finally, set the default for video quality to reduce bandwidth usage.

6. Users Can’t Join The Meetings

Sometimes, even after receiving the joining link, users fail to join the meeting. To troubleshoot this problem, you must ensure that the users use a supported browser.

You must click the correct link or enter the correct meeting code to join the meeting. Finally, you must use a valid code to join the meeting.


Hopefully, this comprehensive guide has been helpful enough. Now you know how to use Google meet and learned the basics to get started with Meet. Schedule or start a meeting on Google Meet, and it’s very easy. Google Meet makes your video conferencing process easier.

We have already explained all the necessary information about Google Meet. You can comment if you have anything to know more about it. ASAP we will reply to you.

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