Google meet is an online platform where video conference, video class or important Meetings are held and it’s developed by world top tech giants Google. In this day Google meet plays an important role. If you are not present in the office or same building, still you can easily attend your class, video conference or video meeting via Google meet. Any user can use Google meet by logging in with a Gmail account. There are many advantages of using Google Meet.

Advantages of using google meet

Google meet is an online platform, which has many benefits. In this article we will describe the advantages of using google meet video conference application. You can also see Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Card.

1. Time : Google meet is a free service from Google for everyone . You can use it as long as needed up to 100 participant at a time.

2. Screen Sharing : Google Meet allows you to share your monitor screen with others. That’s why you can easily discuss your problem with each other.

3. Cross ad feature: The Google Meet tool has a cross-add feature. For this benefit this feature makes it easy to create and join meetings.

4. Log In: It will support Google Calendar, Gmail Web, Android and iOS apps.

5. Anti hijacking: Google Meet has features like anti-hijacking and secure meeting control. For this reason confidential information can not be leaked.

6. Distance: Fortunately, This application is very important for students and teachers to study. Moreover, students and teachers can attend their classes from mile distance.

7. Removal benefit: If you want to avoid unwanted use of Google Meet Participant, you can remove and mute him from the meeting.

8. High resolution: Google Meet users will be able to use the app in high resolution. For this option they need to turn off the ‘Limited Data Usage’ option.

9. Layout options: Google Mate has layout options which is more effective. How to Disable Skype at Startup in Windows 10.

10. Subtitle: If you are talking on Google Meet, it will show its subtitles. That is, as soon as a host speaks, his name will appear in the form of subtitles.

11. Background blur: You can blur your background if you want through Google Meet. Its an exclusive option.

Now a days, google meet is very popular and user friendly video conference platform that’s help our daily life.

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