Google Hangouts is the longest-running video call and messaging service of Google. On the contrary, Google Meet is another premium video conferencing software developed by Google. Google Meet was previously named Google Hangouts Chat.

But later, the Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet were rebranded into Google Chat and Google Meet in April 2020. The history of Google meet is long enough.

However, in today’s guide, we will discuss how Google Meet was developed by Google and all the other details. So, without further ado, let’s get into the main discussion:

What Is Google Hangouts?

Google developed the communication platform Google Hangouts to help users communicate faster. The users can start and join in numerous communication platforms using Google Hangouts like voice calls, instant messaging, and video calls. Google Hangouts allow conversation between different users.

The longest-running video and messaging chat service of Google is Google Hangouts. As of June 2020, anyone with a or can have this consumer account. At the or in the Gmail sidebar, you can find Google Hangouts.

In July 2012, as the “modern” version of video calling’s existing feature, Google introduced Hangouts in Gmail. And in May 2013, Google Hangouts was relaunched as Google’s new overreaching messaging platform.

In a single unified service, Google introduced video chat apps replacing Google + Messenger and Google Talk. Google Hangouts doesn’t have an SMS integration feature during the launching time.

Over time, Google brought many more updates. And Google Hangouts converted to Google Meet. Anyway, some of the noteworthy features of Google Hangouts are:

What Is Google Meet?

Google’s real-time video conferencing solution is Google Meet. The former name of Google Hangouts Meet is Google Meet. Google Meet is the premium video conferencing software of Google.

In 2017 Meet launched as Google Hangouts Meet. It is part of Google workspace. Meet is just like the consumer Hangout’s video chat service.

But Meet supports the participation of more people. And you can find Meet at The Hangouts Meet is available as part of the Google G Suite or Google workspace.

The G Suite is a bundle of collaboration tools and Google business apps. Google Meet is available in a free version with usage limitations.

The limitations include a maximum of 100 people calling/chatting, a maximum of 1-hour call duration, 24 hours of only one video chat, etc.

The noteworthy features of Google Meet are:

Hisoty of Google Meet

Growth & Expansion Of Google Meet – The Brief History of Google Meet

In February 2017, Google invite-only and released an iOS app quietly. And in March 2017, Formally, Google launched Meet. Firstly Google Meet was unveiled as a video conferencing app, especially for the 30 participants.

During the introduction of Meet, Google described it as Hangouts’ enterprise-friendly version. It was available for both the Android, desktop, and iOS versions. To upgrade the original Hangouts application, Google Meet introduced the above features.

But standard Hangouts features like simultaneous chatting, viewing attendees, etc., were deprecated. Also, the video feeds number allowed at one time was lessened to 8. Moreover, Google Hangouts started prioritizing the attendees who used their microphones most recently.

Also, the chatbox feature was altered to overlay the video feeds. However, after so many changes, officially, Hangouts was converted in November 2022. And then Hangouts become unavailable. For the unpaid accounts, Google canceled Hangout’s usual 60-minute limit.

Then in August 2020, Google planned to merge Google Duo with enterprise-oriented Google Meet. But later, in December 2021, Google dropped this objective. And then, Google updates Duo continuously and makes it available.

Again in June 2022, the scene changed, and Google reversed the course. And then, it announced that Duo would be merged with Meet. In August, the merger started. Google renamed the Duo mobile app Meet. And now, the web app of Google Duo redirects users to Google Meet.

Comparison Between Google Hangouts & Google Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is the former name of Google Meet. Meet is offered to Google users free as part of the Google workspace. From Google Hangouts, Meet is different because Meet’s features are not available in Hangouts.

Some of the exclusive features of Google Meet are not seen in Hangouts, like:

All these above are the exclusive features of Google Meet. On the contrary, Hangouts supports the video call participation of only 25 participants.

So due to the expanded features of Google Meet, it became popular with users over Google Hangouts. For conducting a video conference or meeting, Google users prefer to use Meet for its unique features and facilities.

The users can book the meeting beforehand using Google Calendar or Google Chat. The interface of Google Hangout is dark, which most users don’t like. On the contrary, Meet has a bright white interface and puts its tools in the toolbar.

Some of the features of Google Hangouts and Meet are the same. For example, much like the Hangouts, the person who is talking in the video will be shown in the window’s central part. Google Meet works well like traditional Hangouts.

Meet will allow you to share a single chrome tab, an entire desktop, or a single window if you want to share the screen. The only problem with Meet is that it drains the battery rapidly. And another issue with Meet is that with the long calls, it kicks on the fan on your laptop.

Future of Google Meet

Google, for some time, has used its communication platform for experimenting. It merges Meet and Duo to make the communication service more efficient and easier for users. However, as for the future of Google Meet, it will remain in its recent iteration.

Google needs to understand how people choose Meet for what purpose and what tools they intend to use in what circumstances. In the past, Google has introduced different communication services for numerous purposes.

They aim to intrude on different services only to understand how users use one over others.  Google noted that in comparison to Google Meet, with over 100 million downloads, Google Duo has more than 5 billion Android downloads.

So, Google played the number game and merged Meet & Duo instead of scrapping Duo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Google Meet, And How Does It Work?

Google Meet is Google developed video conferencing service. It enables you to join virtual meetings through video, audio, chat, and screen sharing with people.

How Does Google Meet Differ From Other Video Conferencing Apps?

Google Meet differs from other video conferencing apps, offering considerably more features, storage, and other benefits. The meeting time or the number of people who join in a meeting is more in Google Meet than the other video conferencing apps.

Is Google Meet Free, Or Do You Need To Pay For It?

Both the free and paid version of Google Meet is available. At no cost per meeting can be up to 60 minutes and invite up to 100 participants from a Google Meet account.

The paid account offers additional features like live streaming, international dial-in numbers, administrative controls, etc.

Can I Use Google Meet On My Phone Or Tablet?

Whether using a laptop, desktop, Android, iPad, or iPhone, Google Meet works perfectly on any device.

How Many People Can Participate In A Google Meet Call?

Up to 100 participants can join in a Google Meet call.


Hopefully, the above article was helpful enough, and now you know the history of Google Meet. Google Meet is one of the majestic developments of Google. And it dramatically changes communication services by making online video conferencing, calls, and meetings more accessible.

Seeing the tremendous response to Google Meet, Google, over time, cancelled the development of Google Hangouts. However, we have already explained the history of Google Meet in depth. Now if you have any other questions, you can comment. Soon we will answer you.

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