How Long Does It Take for an SD Card to Format?

How Long Does It Take for an SD Card to Format

A few seconds. Yes, you heard it right. It takes a few seconds to format an SD Card. If you are doing quick formatting, it will take a few seconds, and if you don’t go for quick formatting, then it might take a couple of minutes but not more than 2 minutes. You must be […]

The Different Types of SD Cards Explained

Types of SD Cards

People are now living in the age of technology. Whenever we go out or travel, we just want to store every memory either by taking photos or by recording videos. Apart from these, there are piles of files we need to store digitally. At moments like these, to save more files, we may need to […]

Where is the SD Card Slot on Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4 - Where is the SD Card Slot on Surface Pro 4

You will find it underneath the kickstand. Are you looking for where you can insert the SD card on your Surface Pro 4? Are you thinking that what if your surface pro 4 doesn’t have a slot for SD card? But lucky you! Surface pro 4 has a place for an SD card. We all […]

Understanding SD Cards: A Complete Guide

Understanding SD Cards A Complete Guide

You must have gone through many articles to learn about SD cards. You must be tired of searching for different articles on different blogs. Lucky for you that we have organized all the information you need in this article for your convenience. I hope you stay till the end and read the article. I bet […]

Does the Nexus 5X have an SD Card Slot?

does the nexus 5x have an sd card slot

You would be surprised to know that Nexus 5X has no SD card slot. Like all other google manufactured phones, Nexus 5 does not have an SD card slot. Nexus 5X is an android smartphone manufactured by LG electronics and sold by Google. It’s a fifth-generation android phone. Being a fifth-generation phone, it should have […]

How To Insert And Remove Sd Card In Lg G5?

How To Insert An Sd Card In Lg G5 - How to remove an sd card from lg g5

Are you finding it hard to insert or remove your SD Card in your LG G5? Don’t worry at all. We will help you with this. This article will provide you with all the information to insert or remove an SD card from your LG G5 phone.  Where Will You Find The Slot For The […]

How to Move Apps to SD Card on LG G5?

how to move apps to sd card on lg g5

Is your storage full on your LG G5? And trying to find what to do. Then you have come to the right place. I will help you in this regard. Please read the article till the end. I will let you know about everything that you will need to do. LG G5 usually comes with […]

How Many Songs Can A 2GB SD Card Hold?

How Many Songs Can A 2GB SD Card Hold

The number of a 2 GB SD Card can hold will depend on the type of codec, sound quality, etc. Now taking into consideration of everything, usually a 2 GB SD Card can keep nearly 250 songs. Who doesn’t love listening to songs? We all do. We listen to music when we feel down, anxious, […]

How Many Pictures Can A 2GB Sd Card Hold?

How Many Pictures Can A 2gb Sd Card Hold

Have you ever wondered how many pictures a 2GB SD card can hold? In today’s world, people like to capture their memories in the form of images, videos, etc. and for this storage space plays an important role. People always wonder and are curious to know how many pictures and videos they can store in […]