The number of a 2 GB SD Card can hold will depend on the type of codec, sound quality, etc. Now taking into consideration of everything, usually a 2 GB SD Card can keep nearly 250 songs.

Who doesn’t love listening to songs? We all do. We listen to music when we feel down, anxious, happy, and on regular days. But it becomes a vital question of where and how we can store our favorite songs. We can keep them on our SD Card. SD Cards come in different storage options like 2 GB,4GB,8GB,16GB, and so on. Thinking economically, 2 GB SD Cards are much more affordable than others.

But how many songs can a 2GB SD Card hold? This article will help you find the answer to this question. Please read till the end and learn how to choose the correct format of songs to store as many songs as you want.

How Many Songs Can A 2GB SD Card Hold

How Many Songs Can A 2GB SD Card Hold?

 I mentioned already that, in general, a 2 GB SD Card could hold up to 250 songs. But it is also seen that a 1GB SD Card can hold up to 300 songs. It depends on different factors which decide how many songs it can store—for instance – duration of songs, bitrate, file format, compressed or uncompressed files, etc.

Are you feeling worried after reading so many factors you must consider to store the maximum number of songs? Don’t worry at all. We got your back.

Factors That Affect The Song File size 

I have been saying for a while that different factors affect the number of songs an SD Card can hold. You must be wondering what to do and how to use the 2 GB SD Card properly to get maximum profit. So now I will try explaining the factors to you: 

Duration of a Song

The duration of songs plays a vital role in taking up space. The more the duration of a song, the more it takes up space. Usually, pop culture songs are around two and a half minutes to 3 mins. Again some classical or 80s songs might take up to four minutes. So you must be careful while storing a song as the duration of songs affects the file size.


You must be wondering what is bitrate and how it is related to song? Let me tell you. The song is audio; we all know that audio is digital information. And bitrate is the amount of data that is being transferred to audio. 

If the number of bit rates is high, we will listen to high-quality songs. But then again, if bitrates are high, they will take up more space. For example, 320 kbit/s will take up more space than 128 kbit/s encoded audio files.

File format

Usually, we listen to mp3-formatted songs. This format usually takes up much less space than other formats. Wav, flac are these formats used for high-quality songs and take up a lot of space.

Compressed or uncompressed files

Uncompressed files take up more space as all kinds of audio-equipped information can be found there. For instance, WAV, AIFF, and PCM are such types of files.

On the other hand, compressed files are usually compressed so that no information is lost and takes up very little space like MP3.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers

Does SD Card affect audio quality?

In a simple answer, NO. It doesn’t, but higher audio quality; it might take more space in SD Card. So SD Card will not affect the audio quality. High audio quality might take up more space on the SD Card.

What type of SD Card is best for songs?

SDHC is the most reliable SD Card for songs. Other types of SD cards might cause dropped audio.

Does audio affect file size?

Yes, it does. If your audio file has higher bitrates, it will take up more space, and its file size will increase.

Which audio format takes up the least space?

AAC (ADVANCED AUDIO CODING) This format takes much less space, even less than MP3. Besides, they are convenient and practical to use on mobile phones.

Does removing audio reduce file size?

While listening to songs, some parts of the songs might need to be revised. If you remove those parts, the audio length will decrease and result in reduced file size.

Final thoughts

A 2 GB sd card can hold 250 songs at minimum. To ensure that you can store the maximum amount of songs in a 2GB SD card, you must consider the duration, file formats, and bitrates of the song you choose to store.

Thanks for being with us till the end. We hope that we can give you an answer to your question. For any query, leave a comment down below. Stay happy and stay blessed.

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