You would be surprised to know that Nexus 5X has no SD card slot. Like all other google manufactured phones, Nexus 5 does not have an SD card slot.

Nexus 5X is an android smartphone manufactured by LG electronics and sold by Google. It’s a fifth-generation android phone. Being a fifth-generation phone, it should have a micro SD card slot, but unfortunately, it does not.

Does the Nexus 5X have an SD card Slot? 

No, it does not have one.

You will see google manufactured phones like Pixel do not have any expandable SD card slots. Similarly, following the same trend, none of the phones in the Nexus series (except one phone) have an SD card slot. Google just wants to emphasize more in storing online than providing an external SD card slot.

Why does the Nexus 5X not have an SD card slot and what to do about it will be discussed further on in this article. Keep reading the article to get more information.

Why Does Google Not Put an SD Card Slot?

Have you ever wondered why Google does not put SD card slots on the phones they sell? Are you thinking that maybe Google hates an SD card? No, this is not the case at all. 

Manufacturing and shipping phones with microSD card support are more expensive than those without microSD card support. Google does not support the idea of using expandable storage with SD cards.

Google is a software-based company. It believes more in saving photos, videos, files etc. online than in a microSD card. For instance, pictures can be saved in Google drives, the cloud, etc. this way the files, photos, videos stay more secure. Google manufactures phones having storage of 64GB,128 GB, which is quite enough for an average user. But still, people want to use an SD card to save more photos, files, and videos. For them, it becomes troublesome.

How Can You Store Information Without Having SD Card Slots in Your Nexus 5X?

By now, you must be wondering, how can I expand the storage life of my Nexus 5X as it does not have any slots for SD cards. Fortunately, you need not worry about it at all. Even though you can not use an SD card on your phone, there are various alternative ways to store your information. 

In today’s advanced world, you can easily store information online. You can use Google Drive or cloud-based apps to store your necessary information. This way of storing information is much safer than saving on an SD card. If by any chance your phone is stolen or lost, you will lose all access to your saved information. This could happen if you change your phone. So there are some perks of not having SD card slots.

does the nexus 5x have an sd card slot

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Nexus Device Which Has SD Card Slots?

Yes, there is one device which has an SD card slot. It is The Nexus One.

Do Google Phones Have SD Card Slots?

No, they don’t have SD card slots. Neither phones from the pixel series nor nexus series have SD card slots.

How Many Years Do Google Phones Last?

Depending on how nicely they were maintained, they can last upto five years.

Is the Nexus 5 A Good Phone?

Yes, it is. It has the excellent working quality and comes in the correct size. If appropriately maintained, it can work for upto few years.

Final Thoughts:

I really hope that you have got your answer to the question, ‘Does the nexus 5X have SD card slots?’ the answer is no, they don’t. It is because of the designs by the manufacturer. I tried to explain the alternatives you can use, as you can not use an SD card. I hope you find this article to be helpful in clearing your doubts. Leave a comment below for any more queries. Stay blessed and happy.

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