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Memory Chips

Before learning about SD cards, we should know about memory chips. Memory chips are integrated circuits that are designed to store information. For example – RAM, ROM, etc. Memory chips can be inbuilt or can be cards

Memory chips are built of numerous integrated circuits of capacitors and transistors. They can hold random access memories or permanent through read-only memories.

Sometimes memory chips are inbuilt. Sometimes we can attach them to other devices.

Is An SD Card A Memory Chip?

As I said before, one must learn about memory chips before learning about SD cards. It is because an SD card is a type of memory chip. An SD card is a memory chip designed to store a lot of information. It is not always built in. In some cases, it can be built in, but in most cases, it is used as external storage.

What Is An SD Card?

Have you ever wondered what the full form of an SD card is? SD card means Secure Digital. It’s a small card where you can store many files, images, videos etc. You can use it as an external storage device. You will see them being commonly used in cameras for storing large files. SD cards can come in different forms like 8 GB, 32 GB etc. Users buy it according to their necessities.

SD cards are now being widely used for their ability to store lots of files. People nowadays like to keep their memories through pictures, videos, etc. These types of cards, like SD cards, help them to expand the lifespan of their card. 

Understanding SD Cards A Complete Guide

What Are The Functions of SD cards?

The Function of an SD card depends on the way it is being used. There are mainly 2 ways you can use an SD card.

Using it as portable storage: 

If you format your SD card for portable storage, you will be able to do the following works:

Using it as internal storage: 

If you format the card for internal storage, you will be able to do the following work:

History of SD card

Have you ever wondered when the SD card was invented? Who invented it? 

I think at some points we all have thought about it. So let me tell you about the history of the invention of the SD card.

In August, 1999 initiatives were taken to make SD cards by the combined effort of  SanDisk, Panasonic (Matsushita), and Toshiba. They took the idea from the device name MMC( MultiMediaCard) and created a more advanced device which has more memory capacity than MMC. Their main motive was to create a better and more effective device than MMC.

In 2003, the miniSD card was introduced and demonstrated by Sandisk corporation. SDA adopted it as a small card for extension of SD card

From 2003-2004, the use of a microSD card was in use. The microSD removable miniaturized Secure Digital flash memory cards were originally named T-Flash or TF, abbreviations of TransFlash. On July 13, 2005 SDA approved the microSD card. The Motorola E398 was the first mobile phone that included a TransFlash (microSD).

 In January 2006 SDHC format was announced. It came with many improvements such as 32 GB storage capacity and FAT32 file support.

From 2009-2022, the storage capacity of memory cards increased during this period. 

Parts of SD Card

There are different parts of an SD card:

What Are SD Cards Made of?

An SD card is such a small device which can store lots and lots of files. It sometimes leaves me wondering how it is being manufactured. I am sure a lot of people have the same question too. So here I am going to tell you about it.

SD cards are made up of a single sheet of polyvinyl chloride. The method of producing an SD card comprises some ways. For instance- an electronic module is being taken, which includes an insulating substrate and an integrated circuit. Then by raising the temperature locally, the module is pressed on the softened plastics. This forms the structure of an SD card.

The Interface of SD Card

As you are learning about SD cards, you must also learn about the interface of SD cards for complete knowledge. SD cards have a pin interface having different pinouts configurations. These configurations depend on the mode of communication. Usually, an interface is designed for power lines (supply and ground), a clock line, data lines, and a command line.

Can an SD card be used for internal storage?

Yes, you can. As an SD card can be used as external storage, it can also be used as internal storage if it is formatted. There is a way to format an SD card to use it as internal storage.

Steps to use an SD card as internal storage:

Before concluding this article let’s try to sum up the content in short:

What is an SD card, and how it functions

SD card is a memory card built with lots of integrated circuits consisting of transistors and resistors. SD card works for storing lots of information. When your phone storage is filled, you can use an SD card to extend the storage capacity of your device. SD cards mainly transfer information and store it. It acts as an electronic storage for photos, videos, etc. You can use it on camera, phone, video recorder and on any device where you might need to store your information. You can even transfer files to another device using an SD card. And for your information, you can also use the same SD card again by formatting it. Formatting clears up the previously stored information, so you can use it again.


I tried to sum up all the necessary information you need to know about an SD card. I hope this article is helpful. Leave a comment down below if you have any queries. Stay blessed and happy.

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