How to sign out of prime video on tv

prime video on tv

Connectivity options for smart TVs include the internet (through Ethernet), mobile devices (by USB or Bluetooth), digital cameras (via flash memory cards), and other devices (via coaxial cable, HDMI, and so forth). The connectors work in tandem with the operating system and applications to make on-demand video services and access to media stored on linked […]

5tips to fix Avast Antivirus Won’t open in windows 10


Antivirus software is a life saver for mobile, pc and laptop. About 6.75 million accounts are hacked every day. For this reason, we can protect our devices with good antivirus. Now we discuss 5tips to fix Avast Antivirus: Here are 5 tips to fix avast Won’t open in windows 10 1. Update windows 10 If […]

How to do hanging indent on Google Docs


Google docs are most important for professional users. It’s very necessary for office workers, students, or professional users.  You can not imagine your daily professional work with Google Docs. We will discuss hanging indent on Google Docs. So it’s very important to know the Instructions for hanging indents on Google docs. If you know these […]

How to Install Beats Audio on Android

How to Install Beats Audio on Android

INSTALL BEATS AUDIO ON ANY ANDROID DEVICE Beats Audio is a well-known brand nowadays. The Beats By Dre brand includes a variety of headphones and speakers, including the Beats Pro, Solo HD, Beats Pill, and others. HP notebooks come with the Beats Audio driver pre-installed, and HTC devices did as well until 2013. Beats Audio […]

Unusual traffic from your computer network


There are a number of methods Google uses to control traffic from its browser that are unnecessary. You may encounter Google’s odd traffic notice if you execute too many searches in a short period. However, there are different explanations for this statement to occur. In the case of Google, the error prevents users from using […]

How to Soft Reset iPhone 12


Are you an iPhone12 user? Do you impressed with its high performance? Like other phone users, you may not face too many problems, but you have to surely face some problems such as stocking or freezing your phone. To solve this problem you can restart your iPhone 12. After restarting your phone many kinds of […]

Top 6 Ways to Fix Device Is Unreachable Error for iPhone


The graphics interface of the iPhone can fascinate any technology lover. The operating system is also sophisticated, intelligent, and hassle-free. There are 6 Ways to Fix a Device that Is an Unreachable Error for iPhone which we will discuss. Every new operating system of iPhone has all the new surprises. With some secret features in […]

How to add birthdays google calendar


Everybody who is a regular google user wants to add their birthday in the google calendar. You can add important dates to Google Calendar, like birthdays and anniversaries. You have to complete some steps to show your day in the calendar. How to add birthdays at google calendar At present, Google doesn’t support birthdays, anniversaries […]

How to Enable Google Docs Dark Mode


If Google Apps is a part of your professional work, then you will be happy to know that Google has released a new feature that allows you to customize your Google Docs look. It started in 2020, where you can enable Google Docs dark mode and you can change the look of Google Docs. If […]

How to Delete Reddit History


What’s Reddit?  Reddit is mainly a website for content sharing, any type of discussion or gifs, and social facts are discussed there. This type of subreddit usually shares pics, gifs, and links. In a survey, it is noticed that Reddit will have 430 million posts in 2021 and 5.8 billion in upcoming years. Reddit is […]