How to Delete Reddit History


What’s Reddit? 

Reddit is mainly a website for content sharing, any type of discussion or gifs, and social facts are discussed there. This type of subreddit usually shares pics, gifs, and links. In a survey, it is noticed that Reddit will have 430 million posts in 2021 and 5.8 billion in upcoming years.

Reddit is the sum of its subreddit which covers unique topics. Usually the subreddit you can search by ‘r/’ which is mandatory to use to search for something on Reddit. 

If you are a beginner 

you will be confused definitely by Reddit as Reddit isn’t as simple as Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp it is complex in my opinion. After logging in to your Reddit account you will see the homepage. This homepage is the front page which shows or suggests a trending subreddit. You can create a post by creating a post icon on the small menu. Afterwards, you will see there are options for Top, rising, new, best etc. and you can select any of them.

If you want to f a particular Reddit platform such as a football-related platform. You can search r/football on the search button. 

Additionally, you must have a reddit account for 1 month if you want to open your subreddit.

What are Reddit’s features? 

There’s an up as well as a down arrow and number. Then there are upvotes and downvotes. The people who are using Reddit can’t upvote or downvote comments depending on the topic. There’s a karma thing which is a bit unique in Reddit. Karma shows awards, and how many comments the user has received. Karma is necessary for posting on Reddit in general. 

Reddit has its language; it doesn’t have a happy sad icon like Facebook. Usually, in reddit, there are some popular abbreviations such as OP = original poster then AMA= ask me anything etc most commonly used in the Reddit platform. 

If the post you have published on Reddit where other users enjoyed the post they will give you awards. You can buy coins to give awards to support the community or OP.

There are several techniques one might use to delete the history of Reddit. 

Now how to delete the reddit story on my personal computer? 

Although I don’t have a personal computer near us but still when you have time and a personal computer near you, you can follow this simple and easy process: 

  • Open your browser first 
  • Go to Reddit 
  • Then click 3 line dot on the menu 
  • Go to settings afterwards 
  • Choose privacy then 
  • Afterwards click on the security section and tap on history 
  • You will notice a list has shown up you had visited so far
  • Now choose Reddit and delete the history 

Nonetheless, if you wanna delete full history from all sites you can delete it 

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If you want to delete history in android what will you do?

As it’s the 21st century everyone owns a smartphone. Your phone is always near you so you can do it anytime you want. Although sometimes we feel lazy to do it with a Personal Computer, it’s easy to do with a computer. So for this, you can follow this step-by-step process:

1)Download the reddit app

2)then with the eraser app delete Reddit history  

3)The eraser app is available on google play so you can easily download that and use it to erase the story you like.

Another way is the ” Nuke Reddit”  installation. Just download this particular app and choose to delete all comments then Reddit history has been deleted. 

How to delete Reddit history on chrome? 

Unfortunately, chrome doesn’t work on the phone in case you want to delete the history. But it will work on your personal computer.

Many people are familiar with the chrome app so they can easily access this browser. Also, this browser is quite fast. Anyways the step-by-step process is :

  1. open the reddit app
  2. tap on the content option 
  3. Afterwards uncheck child comments 
  4. then move towards displaying a compact link preview 
  5. After that you will notice the history tab under it then delete it
  6. you need to click again to delete all history

“My profile page ” technique

In many ways, you can delete the history of Reddit by the option which is provided by Reddit itself. It’s easy and popular as it’s given by the Reddit application. Even if you don’t know other techniques you definitely can use this!

Step-by-step process : 

  1. Tap on the gear icon on my profile 
  2. Then move towards history and cache
  3. Tap into delete all my activity as well as data
  4. they will ask you for confirmation 
  5. Give the confirmation then your history vanishes 

How to delete Reddit history on iOS devices like iPhones? 

Deleting history on an iPhone is a bit different from a normal phone. Although everyone doesn’t own an iPhone, people who own an iPhone or iOS device can try this technique out certainly. 

Here’s the step-by-step process: 

  1. Download the Reddit app first 
  2. open the Reddit app on your phone
  3. now tap on the profile icon
  4. Move forward to settings
  5. After opening, settings open the advanced option 
  6. Afterwards, tap on clear local history 
  7. confirm your local history 
  8. Now it’s finally deleted. 

Delete Reddit history through a normal browser 

Whatever browser you choose you can delete the history by profile page. Here is a step-by-step process: 

  1. go to the Reddit website 
  2. Afterwards, log in to your profile 
  3. find your profile on the browser and tap on it.
  4. you will see a drop-down menu 
  5. go to the overview page 
  6. Additionally, post that you want to delete 
  7. Click on the 3 dots now
  8. an option will occur 
  9. Choose the delete option 

Remember, this will only delete one comment of your history or one data so you need to repeat the process several times

Delete Reddit history by using the reddit app

Here’s the process: 

  1. download the Reddit app and open it
  2. now log in to the app
  3. Click on the profile of yours
  4. Choose history from the drop-down menu 
  5. click 3 dot menu
  6. Choose delete option 
  7. confirm delete 

Can you delete history permanently?  

The good news is all history you will delete is permanent. So once you delete you won’t be able to see it again.

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