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In the modern age, everything in the world has become simple but digitized. We want everything in one. The willful smartwatch has been made considering this aspect. This watch is one of the cheapest smartwatches which you can get on amazon. Judneer, Vigorun, Letsfit, Lifebee, Popglory are similar models of smartwatches. The performance of these watches is much higher than the price.

Willful Smartwatch

This smartwatch is wearable and designed with a simple and sporty design. This is a fitness tracker also. You will get a rectangle design, light, the latest algorithm calculation chip, and sensor to monitor the heartbeat rate and to count your step and calorie data, a simple and single physical button on the side with the smartwatch. To accompany your workout routine the smartwatch has a sporty design supporting 11 sports modes. To get more accurate data you can enter more sports modes if you want. With a steel buckle and quick-release pin, this watch is interchangeable. This watch is also waterproof.


This smartwatch has a wide display screen. With touch screen button operation It has a 1.3” inch TFT LCD screen. The resolution of the smartwatch is 240 x 240 pixels. This watch is IP68 waterproof. Compatible with smartphones most Android 4.4  and iOS 8.0. The display of the smartwatch is easy to read and has great performance to monitor the sensor.


In the device Heart rate monitor, a g sensor with an option for 24/7 heart rate tracking sensors is included. For sports map tracking GPS is connected with the watch. With Android 4.4 and iOS, 8 above Bluetooth connectivity is compatible.


For longer durability, the willful smartwatch is designed for large quality and low power consumption batteries. With 30 days standby time, the smartwatch has a 210mAh battery. You can use it with your confidence without recharging tension frequently.Willful Smartwatch


Fitness tracking

Walking, running, cycling, Hiking, climbing Mountains, fitness, treadmill, Yoga, Dynamic cycling are some sports modes supported by the Smartwatch. Some sports include walking, distance, calorie-burning, walking miles, active minutes. With its GPS attached, you’ll have a map tracking of your activity. You can get a nearly accurate record of your workout or heart rate with the willful smartwatch. You can care about your physical condition with the apps of the willful smartwatch.


Control the music on your smartphone with the Bluetooth music control of your smartwatch. Play, pause, turn off or forward music directly to your smartwatch. You can lead a stress-free lifestyle with a deep breathing guide.

Sleep tracker

This watch has an auto sleep tracking feature that monitors and analyzes your sleep patterns. To develop your healthier lifestyle it notifies you about your sleep quality like deep sleep, light sleep, wake up time. You can track your menstrual cycle with the watch also.

Heart rate monitor

The smartwatch contains a Heart rate monitor to monitor your heart rate. But this watch doesn’t give you the rate of your blood pressure.

Notifications for calls and messages

You can also stay informed with your smartwatch about your phone calls and messages and social app messages like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc. This smartwatch also notifies you about your email. When your mobile phone receives a notification while you are concentrating on work, you need to gently rotate your wrist to see the contents of the message on the watch without opening the phone. First, you need to set up the app ”Veryfitpro” to get message notifications. 

Waterproof Willful smartwatch

With an IP68 waterproof rating, the willful smartwatches allow you to swim in the swimming pool without any hesitation. On many occasions, you can wear it confidently. You can wash your hands by wearing it without any tension for its waterproof character.

Some Practical tools and app details

Alarm clock, music controller, Stopwatch, Timer, Adjustable brightness, Sedentary reminder, Deep breather guide, Find phone are some of the practical tools of the Willful smartwatch. The Very Fit Pro app works with Android 4.4 or iOS 8 and above. Bluetooth 4.0 works for smartphones only, it does not work for pc or tablets. To develop better and healthier life hacks these apps are very practical in your daily life and remind you at any time.

Willful Smartwatch

Stylish and Smart compatible for both men and women

The willful watch is stylish, beautiful, and elegant in design. You can gift this willful watch  to your family and

 friends without any hesitation. The TPU strap is so comfortable and beautiful, it looks advanced and elegant. Straps of different colors and materials can also make your watch more distinctive. To make your watch more distinctive you can buy different colors of the strap.

Smartwatch for Android Phones

This smartwatch is compatible with smartphones above 4.4 and ios 8.0. By downloading and installing the app “Very Fit Pro” you can be notified about SMS, incoming calls, calendar alerts, and social media notifications like  WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter on the smartwatch. This willful smartwatch never gives a chance to miss any important things.


You can get approximately the same accuracy of heartbeat rate, calorie counting, step counting as you get it from your smartphone.


The packaging and instructions of the watch are so easy to use. It is easy to set up. You can face some problems for lack of instructions. You can install the mobile app very fast. The operation of this watch is so easy that anyone can use it easily.

Body and Weight

The watch is so comfortable because it is lightweight. You are unable to feel that you are wearing something because of its weight. You feel so stylish and elegant by wearing this willful Smartwatch. The watch is capable of making your phone even more portable. When you start up for a workout it will be the best option for you to count your calorie burning, and steps when you walk or run.


The willful watch is so comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean. It has fast charging quality.


This watch is imported from the USA. The electrical plugs of the Products are designed for use in the USA. Internationally Outlets and voltage can be different. You may require an adapter or converter to use the product in your destination. Before purchasing you should check the compatibility of the product. 

In conclusion, Using this device isn’t difficult, since you don’t need any training in order to use it.

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