Best Selfie Apps For Android in 2022


Selfies are a terrific way to demonstrate self-love, as well as a convenient way to take a picture with someone else if you wish to be in it. The greatest Android smartphones now include capabilities that enable you to capture high-quality selfies even in low-light situations. Check out our Best Selfie Apps For Android in 2022.

If you don’t have a phone with a great selfie camera, though, you can utilize one of the applications that specialize in increasing selfie quality. Here are some of the top Android selfie apps we discovered.

1. Snapchat

The cost is free.

Best for: Adding masks and filters to your selfies.

People often consider Snapchat to be nothing more than an Instagram-like software for sharing photos and videos with pals. Snapchat, on the other hand, is a fantastic tool for snapping selfies and customizing them with lenses, emoticons, filters, masks, and fonts. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Snapchat, you can even make your own.

If you don’t already have it, you can get Snapchat for free from the Google Play Store.

Taking selfies using Snapchat is simple: Open the app and take a photo, as usual, adding a mask or filter if desired. Then, if desired, add text or effects. You may save your Snapchat selfies to Memories or Camera Roll, then access them from the gallery on your phone.

2. Front Flash

The cost is free.

Best for: Selfie-taking in low-light situations.

Taking good selfies requires proper lighting. Front Flash is a must-have if your phone lacks the necessary hardware for snapping selfies in low light.

Front Flash is an app that enhances the lighting in your images by using a front-facing flash. This is useful if you need to shoot a selfie in the dark or simply want to capture your skin’s natural picture and require a little extra light. The software is completely free to use, with non-intrusive advertisements on the main screen.

3. Afterlight

The cost is free.

Best for: Taking selfies that are Instagram-friendly.

Every Instagram user will love Afterlight, a photo-editing tool. The app’s editing tools and overall design are comparable to Instagram’s, but Afterlight has a lot more editing choices. There are thousands of distinct filters accessible on the app if you want to improve your selfies by adding a filter or texture. You won’t have to trim your selfie to suit the Instagram square because Afterlight features frames that are the same format as the ones on Instagram.

4. YouCam Perfect

The cost is free.

Best for: Taking and editing selfies with a group.

YouCam Perfect is undoubtedly one of the most popular selfie applications available. When it comes to capturing great selfies, there’s not much this software can’t do. YouCam Perfect is a real-time beauty camera that adds amazing effects to your selfies. This program allows you to capture both a photo and a video selfie.

The option to use the beauty camera to shoot group selfies is one of the nicest features this software has to offer. It recognizes all of the faces on the screen and applies to enhance filters to all of them at the same time. If you want to edit someone out of a photo, you can utilize the app to do so.

5. Candy Camera

The cost is free.

Best for: Taking selfies in the dark.

Candy Camera is an excellent selfie app for when you need to steal a photo without drawing attention to yourself. Even if your phone isn’t in silent mode, the app offers a quiet camera option that allows you to capture images without making any noise.

Candy Camera contains a lot of beauty functions, such as face slim, whitening, smoothing, cosmetics, and more, in addition to the quiet camera. You may even use this software to enhance your photos by adding tan or abs.

6. PhotoDirector

The cost is free.

Best for: Getting rid of distracting elements from your selfie’s background.

PhotoDirector is an AI-powered photo-editing tool that can help you improve the quality of your selfies. The Object Removal tool is one of PhotoDirector’s greatest features. You won’t have to worry about other individuals or background objects ruining your selfie because you can use this software to erase them later.

PhotoDirector also includes a beauty editor with auto skin-toning tools, as well as some creative filters and effects for enhancing your images.

7. Retrica

The cost is free.

Best for: Selfie GIFs are being created.

Retrica was initially a photo-editing program that specialized in retro-style and ambiance filters. Over a hundred distinct photo filters are now available in the app, giving photos more texture and color.

The ability to produce GIFs is one feature that sets Retrica apart from the other Android selfie apps on this list. You may now simply produce a GIF from a video or a picture with Retrica.

8. FaceTune2

The cost is free.

Best for: Adding a grin to your selfie.

FaceTune2 is a selfie editor with all the bells and whistles. You can use filters to eliminate blemishes, smooth your skin, whiten your teeth, and alter the form and size of certain of your facial features in your selfies. You can even alter your smile to make your selfie appear more approachable.

Aside from the beauty features, FaceTune2 may be used to enhance specific parts in your shot, blur the backdrop, and alter the lighting.

What selfie-taking app do you use? Is it on our list of things to do? In the comments area below, share your thoughts on the best selfie apps for Android.

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