Google docs are most important for professional users. It’s very necessary for office workers, students, or professional users.  You can not imagine your daily professional work with Google Docs. We will discuss hanging indent on Google Docs.

So it’s very important to know the Instructions for hanging indents on Google docs. If you know these steps, it will be easy for you How to make a hanging indent in Google Docs. You can also see How to Enable Google Docs Dark Mode.

So today we will give some instructions about this important thing :

How to do hanging indent:

It’s not so hard to do hanging indents in Google Docs. You can easily create a hanging indent to Google Docs in the easiest ways.

1. Using ruler tool:

If you want to make a hanging indent in Google Docs, then make sure your ruler is visible.

To active your ruler, Click on the View tab. Select Show ruler to make the ruler visible if you want to make a hanging indent in Google Docs. Follow the necessary guiding lines for active this technique. How To Create Folders In Gmail.

2. Indent the Paragraph:

Add the hanging indent, you have to highlight or marked your text. Your text can be a paragraph, a short paragraph, a large composition, or a document.

3. Drag left indent:

In ruller, you have to click and drag the blue line on the ruller setting. you can Set how much you wish to indent. Move it 0.5-inches to the right to make the total margin 1.5-inches. (The standard indent is 0.5 inches.)

4. Drag the right-indent control

When you drag your indent Notice that all of your text shifted over to your desired setting. You have to choose the first line of the paragraph which you have selected and drag the first-line indent.

Click and drag the left margin control (the rectangle) back to the margin where it started. When you let go of the right-indent control, you’ll see you have created the hanging indent.

Congratulations! you have made your hanging indents on Google docs.

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