How to Soft Reset iPhone 12


Are you an iPhone12 user? Do you impressed with its high performance? Like other phone users, you may not face too many problems, but you have to surely face some problems such as stocking or freezing your phone.

To solve this problem you can restart your iPhone 12. After restarting your phone many kinds of problems can be solved and your iPhone will be starting again. A graceful shutdown isn’t possible if you don’t follow the steps you need to reboot your iPhone 12.

How to Soft Reset iPhone 12

The vast majority of users will need to turn off or restart their iPhone 12 whereas some of them never face needing to do so. You have to restart your iPhone when your phone stops responding to touches, individual button presses, or an app hung which can handle iOS.

In this situation, you should restart your iPhone 12. But you can face problems if your phone’s screen touches input and prevents you from swiping to turn it off. In this situation, you have to forcefully restart your iPhone 12.

In this topic you can know how to turn off your iPhone and how can you forcefully restart it. The person who use Face ID as their biometric authentication, from the model iPhone X to iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro.

In this topic, you can get the idea to 

  • Restart your iPhone 12
  • How to perform a soft reset
  • How to perform a hard reset
  • Reset network settings

Restart your iPhone 12

  • At the same time press the volume up or down and the side button and hold it for some time until the slider appears.
  • Then at the top of the screen Press the on-screen power icon and drag it to the right.
  • Until the Apple logo appears hold the side button to turn it back on.

 A graceful shutdown of the iPhone performs by this method, and the standard turn-on procedure is followed by this method. You should be trying to accomplish first followed by the method.

If you cannot use the iPhone’s touchscreen, it is not possible to complete step two of that list. That’s why you should follow the method to forcefully restart the device.

How to perform a soft reset

 When restart does not solve your problem, perform a soft reset. 

  • Press and quickly release the Volume up button and then slide button till your screen shows the power off 
  • And after that press and quickly release the Volume down button
  • After then press and hold the side button
  • when you get to see appearing the Apple logo then release the side button.
  • After waiting a few seconds your phone will be turned off. 
  • Shortly after your phone is switched off wait for a few seconds and then again press yours’s phone’s side button.
  • After appearing the Apple logo, release the side button to restart your iPhone 12.

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Perform a hard reset to your iPhone 12

Sometimes hard reset means forcefully restarting. When you need to resolve more persistent problems or your iPhone doesn’t respond to the standard reset steps that time you need a Hard reset to your iPhone 12. Follow below these steps:

  • Press the volume up button
  • Press the volume down button and then leave it quickly
  • After that press, the slide button and hold the button for some moment.
  • After appearing the Apple logo quickly released the side button. Wait for a few moments to restart your iPhone 12.

You don’t need to get the solution when you will attempt to restart your iPhone by this method. You can take advice from Apple’s support page If your iPhone doesn’t turn back on and how to restore the device in more issues.

R when you are restarting your iPhone 12, you’ve to pay attention to following all instructions properly.  If you confuse the two sets of instructions and complete the steps holding down the volume up and side buttons for a long period especially in that case you’ve to follow all instructions properly.

Set network settings

 You can reset your iPhone’s reset settings when you are facing connectivity issues. By deleting all the network settings returning to factory defaults to your iPhone.  To reset the network settings you can follow the following  steps:

  • First, you select the Settings app from your Home Screen.
  • Then press on General
  • After scrolling down then select Reset
  • After that select Reset Network Settings
  • For confirmation again select Reset Network Settings.

Reset Factory Settings

Reset Factory Settings

Yet if you are facing issues with your iPhone, you can set a factory data reset. Factory data reset means Master reset. If you use Master reset to your phone, your phone will lose each and every data stored on your iPhone such as contact, massage, image, music, etc. This will reset all settings to the device’s default. By resetting factory settings you can get your phone in a brand new state. When you send your iPhone 12 in for service or sell your iPhone you should give reset Factory settings to your iPhone. Let’s see how we perform reset factory settings:

  • Select the Settings app from your Home screen. You can get the button at the top of the left corner of your phone.
  • Then select General
  • scroll down to the bottom of the screen and then select Reset
  • To restart your device select Erase All Content and Settings
  • If asked enter your iPhone password
  • you are warned by a pop-up window that this step will delete all music, other media, data, and settings
  • Press Securely erase
  • Select back up option
  • Then tap erase iPhone
  • Wait for a while to restart your phone to reset to factory settings. 

The most important thing is to back up your data to do before factory resetting an iPhone 12. if you don’t want to lose your data it’s ultimate for you to back up before A factory reset is performed.

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