A call recording app is basically a mobile application that allows its users to record their outgoing and incoming calls. There are several valid reasons one might want to record their calls. In this article, we will discuss the Top Android Call Recorder Apps.

How many times have we put down an important call, only to wish later that we had it recorded? You never know after all when such records may come in handy.

Phone Call Recording Apps

Although certain Android phones allow you to record your calls, these are few and few between, and they lack extra functions that you may require while recording a call. Most Android phones, for example, do not allow you to automatically record calls. This can be a problem because we frequently forget to turn on the recorder before taking a call.

Fortunately, today’s smartphones are equipped with a variety of robust and user-friendly call recorder apps for Android and other cellular devices, making the recording procedure much more convenient.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best phone call recording apps available for smartphone users today, examine the features they provide, assess the cost of installing them on your device, and then let you choose the app that best meets your needs.

Call Recorder Apps

List Of Top Call Recorder App

The following is a list of popular Android and iPhone Call Recording Apps:

  1. mSpy
  2. Call Recorder-Cube ACR
  3. Automatic Call Recorder by RSA
  4. Automatic Call Recorder
  5. Blackbox Call Recorder
  6. Just Press Record
  7. Rev Call Recorder

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the apps listed above.

1) mSpy

Best for a cell phone tracking solution that can be accessed from afar It works right out of the box and is simple to operate. There will be no app icon and it will remain invisible.

mSpy is a phone tracking and monitoring application. It allows you to monitor what your children or staff are up to on their phones and the internet.

They are still unaware of the monitoring. You can keep track of WhatsApp conversations, SMS sent/received, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and your current GPS location, among other things. It offers all of the information you require while maintaining bank-level security.


Conclusion: mSpy parental tracking app helps you to keep children safe online as well as in the real world. It is a remote cell phone tracking solution and easy to use. You can start using the mSpy in just three simple steps: create a free account, choose a plan, and start monitoring.

Price: A demo is available from mSpy. 1-Month ($48.99 per month), 3-Months ($27.99 per month), and 12-Months ($11.66 per month) are the three pricing options.

2) Call Recorder-Cube ACR

Best for Call recording that is automated.

The Call Recorder Cube ACR is one of the most technologically advanced call recorders on the market today. We can agree with the phrase now that we’ve taken it for a spin. The tool offers a very user-friendly interface that allows users to record their phone calls and VoIP discussions with ease.

Users can choose between automated call recording and manual call recording with this tool. The nicest feature about this application, in my opinion, is that you can create a list of all the contacts you want to automatically record every time you speak with them. You can also create a list that eliminates the contacts you don’t want to keep track of.


Conclusion: This app was built for you if you’re looking for a powerful and easy-to-use program that takes care of your call recording for you. It’s without a doubt one of the greatest automated call recorder apps available.

Price: App to record phone calls for free

3) Automatic Call Recorder by RSA

Best for Automatic Call Recording with Cloud Synchronization.

It’s an app that lets you automatically record all of your incoming and outgoing calls, as the name implies. But that isn’t the only reason for its high ranking on our list. It’s a really simple program that gives you some of the same benefits as the last entry on this list.

You can create a whitelist of calls that you want to automatically record and a blacklist of calls that you don’t want to record. It’s also incredibly simple to organize and listen to your recorded recordings whenever you desire. The ability to synchronize with the cloud is maybe the nicest feature of this program.


Conclusion: Automatic Call Recorder’s cloud backup capability is such a standout feature that it alone justifies its installation on your smartphone. It is, nevertheless, both simple and advanced enough to capture high-quality calls.

Price: App to record phone calls for free

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4) Automatic Call Recorder

Best for Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Despite the fact that it bears the same name as the preceding title on this list, Automatic Call Recorder is a completely separate beast. There are several features that set it apart in an otherwise crowded market for automatic call recording apps.

There are three default options for the tool.

There’s the ‘Record Everything’ setting, which allows you to record all incoming and outgoing calls, followed by the ‘Ignore Everything’ setting, which allows you to record no calls except for those you’ve pre-selected for recording, and finally the ‘Ignore Contact’ setting, which allows you to choose which contact you want to exclude from automatic recording.


Conclusion: We can’t suggest Automatic Call Recorder to everyone because of its varied reviews, despite its technical prowess. Voice recording quality may be poor for some users. It is, however, free to use, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

Price: App to record phone calls for free

5) Blackbox Call Recorder

Best for the sleek modern interface

When you install a Blackbox call recorder on your phone, the first thing you’ll notice is how elegant it is. It is possibly one of the best-looking recording programs on this list, with a modern UI. Fortunately, it also works nicely as a call recorder.

It automatically records incoming and outgoing calls, allows you to whitelist contacts for automatic recording, integrates with Google Drive to back up your recorded files online, and helps you manage your recordings.


Conclusion: Users who desire a simple phone call recorder to record their incoming and outgoing calls should be satisfied with Blackbox’s call recorder. It is, without a doubt, the most visually appealing software on the list.

Price: App to record phone calls for free

6) Just Press Record

Best For Apple devices, there is a voice recorder.

One of the best phone call recording apps for iOS devices is Just Press Record. The All-in-one app includes a one-tap recorder, transcription, and iCloud syncing capability. The main feature of this program is that it converts your recorded speech into text, which you can use to adjust the audio within the app.

The recording process is simple; simply press the red record button and you’ll have an endless amount of time to record your voice. The audio quality is also excellent, with up to 96 kHz/24-bit voice quality possible when using an external microphone.


Conclusion: Just Press Record is a great-looking user interface that is also incredibly easy to use. The audio quality of the recordings on this app is excellent, and you can organize, share, and even transform them into transcripts for easy editing. It’s one of the greatest call recorder apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users.

Price: $4.99

7) Rev Call Recorder

Best for recording sounds and transcribing it

Rev Call Recorder is yet another of Apple’s best call recorders, allowing you to record calls and speak as much as you like with no restrictions. With just one tap, you may record all of your incoming and outgoing calls.

The recording quality on this app is also absolutely excellent. The best aspect, though, is its integrated transcription tool, which allows you to have your recorded calls transcribed within 12 hours by Rev’s team of skilled human transcribers.


Conclusion: Rev gives a fantastic program that can do high-quality voice and call recording services at no cost to its users. It’s also great for professionals who need to maintain texts of their recorded audio because it has an in-built transcription function.

Price: Free


Call Recorder Apps are essentially forewarning devices that keep you ready for the unexpected and uncertain future. You never know when you might need to listen to a tape of a phone conversation. Call recording technology is already being used by businesses to record all types of interactions they have with their clients and customers.

There are just far too many legal and security concerns to keep a call recording app installed and functioning on one’s smartphone. Fortunately, there are many tools of excellent solutions at your disposal, each of which offers something special when it comes to phone calls or audio recordings.

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