Top Advantages and disadvantages of using Zoom


Zoom is a virtual video conferencing medium that a complete Solution. Zoom Video Communication is an American communications technology which provides video telephone, online chat services through software platform. It is used for tele communication, tele conference, education etc. In the age of globalization, big things are done through video conferencing. More about this source text source. Text required for additional translation information. Now a day’s zoom plays an important role in our life. It makes easy our life by attending important meeting or class from home. Although there have been advantages and disadvantages of using zoom.

Reason for sudden popular

For the corona virus crisis Zoom’s popularity grows rapidly. Everyone must perform their office work, school or any kind of important meeting or co-curricular activities from home for corona virus. So zoom can give everyone opportunity to perform their duties through video conference where 100 participants  attend for free for 40 minutes.

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Advantages of Using Zoom

  • Zoom is the complete solution for business user, work related purposes and for education.
  • Zoom is a free service for everyone. Anyone can use it 40 minutes for free.
  • A host can share her/his screen when she need in Zoom.
  • One of the most important factor is its video quality, which is just mind-blowing.
  • In Zoom meeting the sound system goes very clear. However, if host feeling some occurred situation, host should check his microphone system.
  • Anyone can use Zoom with their desktop or smartphone.
  • A user can use other apps from his device (e.g email,photo,calender etc) while s/he use Zoom.
  • Any zoom user can use a personal assistant device for video meeting, phone calls, interaction, comments or explanation.
  •  A rebut set of pre meeting feature include zoom waiting room, join by domain & password can secure anyone’s Zoom meeting before starting their event or meeting start.
  • To secure & disruption free anyone is meeting Zoom has controls at Host’s fingerprint.
  • In Zoom, any data of the meeting are secure.
  • Zoom played an important rule for students and teachers to their study. Long distance between teacher and students decrease by zoom.
  • A Host can mute his/her participants if s/he want.
  • Maximum 100 participant can join free in zoom meeting.
  • If anyone as a host need more participant and more time for his meeting, he or she can purchase annual licenses. He or she can get many offers as he or she need.
  • In these offers they can extend their participants, meeting’s time …
  • Here they can get more time for group meetings as they purchased the yearly licenses..
  • They also get social media  streaming
  • They can get their company branding through Zoom.
  • By purchasing pro or more they can get more feature
  • Unlimited cloud storage can get through their offer.
  • The person who purchased the license they get Developer Support
  • Zoom is continue trying to build out its position by collaborative offering, implementing new tools.
  • Why not everyone choose
  • Zoom because it delivers everything you need for sensational video conferencing

Disadvantage of Using Zoom

  • In zoom meeting, Host cannot control the comments.
  • Our earth contains various types of people. some times in meeting some uncultured person make odd situation for other participant or host.
  • In virtual technology, we can only feel happiness. Cannot get the real.

Now a days zoom play important role for virtual official and educational life. So zoom is the one kinds of blessing in this pandemic time.

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