How to keep your data and computer safe


In the 21st century, we cannot think a single moment without electronic device such as Mobile, Desktop, and Laptop etc. We are in modern century. It’s most important to know and have fluency on online based work. We also need to keep in mind that we should care about keep our data and computer safe.

Therefore, for best performance we should know the best use of Computer.

Our world slowly make its base on online world. The online world goes through Computer. Your computer hold a lots of data of your personal and business information. If these information goes to any wrong person they may misuse your ID, may hack your account like bank, Fb Id, your business site, your channel. They can various types of mischief, which may face you cybercrime. Your Identity become an open book if your information goes any wrong hand. So you have to keep protected your data through your computer. It’s important to stay careful about virus, malware or other online scams.

In this topic here, we try to share some tips to keep your data and computer safe.

Keep Locked your Computer:

You concerned about keep safe your data or personal information from Hackers or cyber-attack, which you stored in computer. You follow internet safety tips. However, what about your computer? You think you live in a safe place where you do not face any accidental incident. Your computer may theft, may hijacked by thief of hijackers. If your door unlocked your computer or laptop can be, easy target for them. It makes an argument between family members, friends or roommates.

  1. You should place your computer or laptop in a safe place.
  2. You can use cable lock. It is a metal cable with a loop which attach to something which hard to move like table or wail or as you feel which helpful to you and another loop to computer. Its work as bike lock. If thief want to take away your computer in hurry, it will put him in trouble.
  3. A lock down pirate can be attach to your computer by nuts and bolts with something heavy. You can include key with lock in the pirate.

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Always Use a Strong Password:

You can be the target by hackers. Never think that tilt canes happened to youths everyone is in high risk for personal and financial will being. Therefore, you can use a strong password. The password contain variety of digits, letters and special character. The password should be longer and complicated.

Use different password:

Use different password for your each n every account. Use two -factor authentication if your account support.

Avoid Fraud scam, suspicious email or Phone call:

Cyber criminal make a attempt to take information from you. So try to avoid any suspicious email, phone call or any other scam. If you response them accidentally, Don’t their your personal and financial Information.

Never leave your device unlocked:

  1. Never leave your device open for all. If necessary to leave them please keep them locked. so no one can use it into your absence.
  2. Desktop or Laptop users can lock their screen or shut down their Desktop or Laptop.

Keep Your Software Up to Date:

Always install updated software. Try to update when new update of your software comes in market.

Install Antivirus:

Installing antivirus from a trusted source can give you relaxation. Updated software, antivirus make sure your programs remain effective.

Back Up Data:

Back up data regularity is the guaranteed way to get your data back by re-install the system.

Use laptop tracking:

You can use laptop tracking for your safe. Now a days grater technology such as biometric Id, link with phone via Bluetooth lock your laptops from unknown user. If you loose your laptop by thief or any other you may get it back.

Clean out your files:

You should delete the temporary internet files, history, cache, recycle bin before and after using computer. So computer uses canes be recorded.

Avoid important log in Information in public computer:

Computer has programs that record your key strokes or ever/ hang you type into the computer. Therefore, you should avoid your credit card or other important information on public computers.

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