How to Fix Gmail Notifications Not Working

How to fix gmail notification
Gmail is a most important application for Everyone.  So Gmail notification not working in your pc, then it is ridiculous for you. So in this article you can get some tricky tips which will be fruitful for you.
Google can be accessed by signing in to a Google Account. Gmail Accounts helps you do more with easy access to important information. It doesn’t matter which device or Gmail service you use, Gmail  account always gives you a consistent experience. You can customize and manage it anytime.
So its easy to say that if Gmail notification not working,  you will miss Your important issue.
Users cannot fully utilize the Gmail email client. This is because if the user is not able to use the notification features of the app, he will not be able to benefit from the timely Gmail.
How to Fix Gmail Notifications Not working

How to Fix Gmail Notifications Not working:

In the official case the users are theirs Visit the Gmail app on Android frequently to check mail. Therefore it is essential to have a stable notification system to ensure that you do not miss important emails for business or urgent work.

There are a number of reasons why Gmail may not receive notifications

If the device’s system notification settings are turned off, it will prevent the device from displaying any notifications from other apps, including Gmail. There are many reasons why Gmail notifications don’t work. Let’s go through the step-by-step method to solve such problems.
  1. Edit your setting :
  2. Give permission to Gmail:
  3. Turn on Gmail system optimization
  4. Check on date and time
  5. Update Gmail app
  6. Sign out and sign in
  7. Enable sync Gmail
  8. Clear catche and data from Gmail
  9. Uninstall and reinstall your Gmail app
  10. Turn off  Battery saver

1. Edit your setting

Gmail is important application for users. So whenever a user can’t get notification then you have to follow this step. First, edit your Gmail settings. Multiple accounts are linked to the Gmail app, but you’ll need to change the settings for each account.

Go to phone settings > open notification> select the Gmail application.
Check system notification status  for the Gmail application. If it is disabled, then enabled your desired option.
If disabled, make sure to enable it.
Now you have to Select your preferred notification settings. you can turn on sound, vibration feature, and others.
keep in mind that your Android phone or tab also features notification. But in this time  settings are separate from those of your Gmail app.

2. Give permission to Gmail

Gmail users can enable or disable the permissions required for each application. So Gmail must have all the necessary permissions to access your device functionality. This will allow the application to work properly So users must grant permission.

3. Turn on Gmail system optimization: 

Apps are often different Gmail may restrict the app from using data for limitations. Check the data optimization settings to see if there are any errors in this function behind Gmail Notification .
​mobile phone settings > choose Apps>select Manage apps > open Gmail .
Now select the data usage option.
Go back to the App Info window >  select Restricted data usage section.
In this time the mobile data permission of SIM cards is enable.

4. Check on date and time

Automatic settings for electronic devices. So incorrect date and time notification settings can be a nuisance to the user. If the app has automatic time zone settings based on geo location , you can avoid this problem.
To enable automatic time,
 go to settings > choose additional settings> click on Date & Time.
Make sure that  ‘Use network-provided time’ and ‘Use network-provided time zone’ options are enabled.
Hope now your notification system has started functioning properly as you want.

5. Update Gmail app

Gmail notification not working in your working time, then it is ridiculous for you. May be Gmail notifications are not working issue, it occurs if the app is outdated. Similarly, system updates are available and if you do not update it, you may encounter a problem with the notification system.
To check for Gmail updates, go to the Google Play Store and type Gmail. Then, if an updated version is available, install it.
Restart your Android set after the update is complete. The problem of Gmail notifications not working is supposed to be solved. Gmail is the default app on most phones. Try uninstalling it from the Play Store. Naturally you can reinstall it to see if the problem is fixed.

6. Sign out and sign in

In most cases, signing out of your Google Account from an Android device and signing in again is likely to get you started. Like other applications, signing out and re-signing in to your Google Account on your device is very easy.
To do, Follow the steps given below:
1. Open phone settings > go to Accounts.
Select the Google account.
2. Now click on the account
3. Click on remove to sign out.
4. Again phone settings again > select account.
5. Select account type: Google account.
Now sign in with your usual email address and password. Check that you are able to receive Gmail notifications after signing in.

7. Enable sync Gmail

You need to change a setting for the label syncing whenever Gmail notification not working.
The reason for your notification related problem may be if sync is disabled. So check to see if it is fully synced.
Go to your phone’s settings app and select account and sync.
To do you can follow these steps :
Go to Settings> account and sync > Choose the Gmail account>enabled this options.
Make sure all options are enabled. Now you can restart your phone and it should work.

8. Clear catch and data from Gmail

Gmail is so important that without notification can actually annoy the user.
App data and cache can be cleared to see if the solution!
Doing so will reset the application and will flush all your data and set it in a new way.
Needless to say, releasing cache memory solves many problems related to applications on Android devices.
Clearing storage and app cache can sometimes resolve the issue of Gmail notifications not working.
To do follow steps below:
1. click phone settings > open app > select Gmail from the app list.
2. Select storage among the settings
3. select clear cache and clear app data
Hopefully you can get rid of your problems.

9. Uninstall and reinstall your Gmail app

Updating and reinstalling removes potential code errors inside the application in most cases. Next, make sure that the app works properly.
To update/reinstall,
 play store >  click on uninstall > reinstall again.

10. Turn off  Battery saver

Each app is created by interfering with some or the other settings. Similarly, the battery saver option significantly reduces the ability of the Gmail app to work smoothly. In this case, the power saving mode has to be turned off. Hopefully, one of these tricks will come in handy

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