How to delete a story on Instagram


What’s Instagram? 

It is a popular social media site where people share photos and videos. This app has allowed its customers to edit their pic or video with filters. They also allowed using hashtags the hashtags are using worldwide for creating positive or negative vibes in society in general.

Instagram features 

Instagram helps people to express themselves and connect with the people they love.   It also allows its customers to create entertaining videos that they can share with people they choose. They also can share their daily life or special moments through stories and highlights allowing cost customers to send photos and videos privately. People can become influencers and earn money at home through these apps. Also, if you are having a bad day you can easily watch your favorite content creator here on Instagram. The hashtags are used sometimes to protest worldwide. 

An interesting fact is that Instagram allows people to share your post which will last for 24 hours. Here on Instagram, you can share many things which will keep your mind fresh such as stories as highlights, and download any story of another person. 

Another privilege Instagram provides is that you have the choice to delete the story you shared previously or share just now depending on the situation. It allows you to hide it as well if you are a private person in the case.

What to if you couldn’t delete before uploading? 

Additionally, if you feel stuck while uploading your story you have the choice to remove it right away which was being uploaded.

The red bound in your profile means the story is already published. You can get access to your story by clicking on your profile picture of yours. 

Anyways here’s the process 

  1. first, open the app through any device you like
  2. log in to your account by using your password and id 
  3. Then proceed to your profile 
  4. Click the profile picture where the story is opening 
  5. After being opened delete the Instagram story just tap and delete 
  6. However, Instagram will ask for confirmation then confirm and delete 

Nonetheless, this only removes the story which was already uploaded. 

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Deleting your Instagram story while the story is uploading here is the process

1st process I would suggest is, 

Wait for the upload to be done as Instagram doesn’t usually give their customers a feature to delete the story. Although you can just after being uploaded, otherwise your privacy will not be secured and someone might see your story. 

How to do this on android or iOS?

  1. the story you upload open it
  2. click more then 
  3. Delete and confirm the delete 

2nd technique 

I would say to turn off your mobile data, and Wi-Fi to erase the Instagram story, as this technique is easier to use. 

To complete this you can follow the steps :

  1. Open the notification bell icon of your device 
  2. Click on your WIFI or mobile data and turn it off them
  3. Also, you can turn on “airplane mode” and it automatically will stop mobile data or WIFI. 

Furthermore, when you finally turn off the internet connection the red border on your profile pic of yours would still be visible but when you click that border it won’t work obviously. So it means uploading has been denied and now you can delete the story. 

After deleting Instagram will want confirmation then give it and boom it’s deleted. 

Another thing: what if your story is stuck while being uploaded? 

This solution would clear the app’s cache. You can do this by going that the settings of your device clicking on apps and finding an install then just clicking to delete the cache on clear cache. 


  1. Go to your phone, open your setting app
  2. Search Instagram to find it
  3. Click the app
  4. you will notice clear data
  5. Click to clear the cache to delete the Instagram story which won’t post 

However, one bad side is this will erase entire Instagram activity data so Instagram will work like a new version although here you don’t have to sign again. 

What if you want to delete the highlight story of Instagram? 

It’s interestingly a popular feature on Instagram. Here’s the process of deleting it:

  1. At first look at your profile
  2. Click on the highlight 
  3. Now click  more button 
  4. Click to remove the story 
  5. Delete it and confirm it

That’s all in the process.

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