Instagram is a platform where you can go to your photos and videos. but some times  I face some issues like why cant I post on Instagram .Millions of people around the world use Instagram to share their photos and videos. It’s the world’s largest photo and video sharing app. Now a days Its a tradition  to have the Instagram app in most of the person’s smart phones. They may launch new features and services over time, but their main purpose is still to share photo and video based content.

As a popular social media app, developers are eager to update the app frequently. Despite of everything, all the updates and corrections from the developers, you may sometimes encounter issues like not having post pictures or videos in your account. However when posting a video or photo of him, Most Users Complain Tricks Instagram to Stocking Sending Posts. There are various causes for this problem, why cant post Instagram but the solutions are mostly like other major problems related to Instagram. These factors range from poor network connectivity to large file sizes.

It is always important to debug the real reason. If you can’t find out the reason its difficult to solve the problem. There are many reasons why Instagram videos or posts may fail to upload the hours you have spent..  If you can, you will be able to use the right solution and continue posting on Instagram. If you faced this problem don’t be panic. Let’s try to help you to salt out the issue by this content.

Why can’t I post on Instagram

Why I can't post on instagram

Check Your  Internet Connection Of wi-fi or Mobile net 

If you unable to post your photos, videos you have to check your internet connection first. For the poor internet connection the problem with Instagram posting occurs most of the time. If your internet connection is OK and you are still experiencing this problem, try resetting it  You can turn on flight mode for some time and then turn on, may be you can get some changes. You can also turn off/on your mobile wi-fi  or mobile net connection.

Restart Your Phone

Your next attempt to fix your problem can be restart your phone. Its seems to hear easy. But it can solute your problem in a minute. If you restart your phone means not only restart your phone, it also restart your phone’s applications and service that run on to your mobile background and fix some temporary problem to your mobile software.

Remove Internal Cached Data:

Common reason for not uploading photos to Instagram is that there may be something wrong with the Instagram app cache memory. When we use Instagram, the app stories cached the data in background. This cached data is useful for suggesting content based on your previous browsing history and more.

If Instagram don’t allow you to post picture, videos or more you can try update your Instagram application, clear Instagram app cache or try to reupload the picture. The Android phone you have to delete cache of Instagram you can go to the Settings app, then select App, then go to the manage app and search from Instagram from the list. When you can find tap on storage and select clear cache.

This process is very similar to iOS. First go to the settings app and then tap on General. After that tap on iPhone storage and from there search on Instagram app and then you can find an option Offload app. Go to select to clear the Instagram cache from your iOS device.

Reduce Your file size

Now a days it’s rare to see a person without a smart p hone. We always take picture or videos by our smart phone. When we trying to upload picture or videos which is directly imported from your smart phone which have high quality camera. Uploading high resolution images or videos can be problematic for Instagram.

When we post on Instagram we rarely give intention on file size. Instagram shrinks the size of media uploads, which can cause an error when you work with large image or video files. For this reason you need to reduce the size of your photo or video file. The advises for Instagram users to follow the certain regulation to optimize the content.

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Lacking Of Mobile Storage

Lacking of mobile storage is one of the very common issue not allow to posting in Instagram. When you upload a video or photo or any other content to Instagram, it is also stored in the local storage of your device. So the best way to delete unnecessary photos, videos or cookies of apps to upload in Instagram.

Change app data usage settings

You can use the data usage option on your smartphone.  Instagram also uses it to save your data by limiting the amount of content you can post and the data you can use in the app. When you continuously post large file of content specially that time Instagram not allows you. If you are sure that the problem is due to the data usage settings you can disable the data saving option.

Content against Instagram policy 

If the image or video or other content you want to post on Instagram is against Instagram’s policy, it may not allow you to post on it.  Every moment different types of content are uploaded to it.  For security, Instagram offers certain conditions and policies and every manufacturer should follow them  If your content is against the policy, Instagram will not allow you to post  In order to upload your content you need to make sure that you are following their terms.

Update your Instagram app

When Instagram does not allow you to post photos, videos or any other contents there is another  reason may be not updating your Instagram app. If you want to post pictures, videos or any other content on Instagram without any hindrance, you need to update your Instagram app. You can update it from the Google Play Store or third party app. If updating is the reason not to allow post on Instagram you should update your Instagram app to your android or iPhone.

Uninstall third party application 

If you ever give your access to your Instagram account to any third party app to increase followers and likes on your account Instagram can easily detect these activities and block you from posting on Instagram. You will need to uninstall all third party apps or your Instagram account to resolve your issue when posting your photos or videos.

Last of all, if you watch this issue why cant post on Instagram, i hope you solve this problem after reading this article.

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