How To Fix This Person Is Unavailable In Messenger


Facebook has become the most popular social networking site in recent years. Not only because of its amazing news feed presence but also because of its great messaging features. Messenger, launched by Facebook, has become popular in the last few years along with WhatsApp and Skype. Messenger is easy to use and has many updated features, although we do encounter occasional issues. However, when using the Messenger app, you may encounter a notification such as “This person is unavailable in Messenger. Messenger is not a messaging app that gives you a warning that the recipient is unavailable. When it does, you can do nothing but return to Messenger Home.

What makes it even more confusing is that you are chatting with a person and then you suddenly encounter the unavailable error of the person you think the person uninstalled the app or blocked you for some reason or it is an error on your part!
In this post, we will try to show you when and under what circumstances you will see this person inspired by Messenger Alert.

How To Fix This Person Is Unavailable In Messenger

This Person Is Unavailable In Messenger Means:

This person is unavailable in Messenger means the person you want to send a text message is not available on messenger. You will not be able to send another message to that person unless the person has reinstalled Messenger, unblocked you, or resolved your app bug.

If you receive the message, This Person Is Not Available on Messenger, in a messenger chat, you are likely to encounter these common reasons to explain it.
The reasons may be:

1.You are blocked by the recipient or accidently you may block the user

If you don’t get the user Id to text on messenger that means you are blocked by the user. There may be another possibility that user may be blocked by you. Blocked by each other you will not be able to visit the user’s profile in the case of being blocked.

2.Recipient may uninstall their Facebook app or messenger app

When an account is deleted by a user or uninstalled the app you may see the person is unavailable on Messenger. Incase of changing mind of the user the Facebook authority keep that Id on pending option ,when a user delete his or her Id or uninstall his or her apps. While the account is pending, you can not delete or send message and also can’t visit the profile.

3.Facebook may be removed or disabled Recipient’s Id

Facebook Security deletes / disables some accounts for security reasons Or if someone breaks their rules, disguises, they let them see. If Facebook provides a system, you will not be able to message or use it.

4.When Recipient deletes their conversation that time some error may occur

Sometimes when the recipient deletes their conversation you may have to face that person unavailable on Facebook for some technical error.


In this case, you can see the user. But Facebook doesn’t have to let you send or call him. In this case, you can get “This person is not available on Messenger / Facebook”. Or something requested. This is because the user has set privacy for text / call. For example, there are some benefits to giving individual users more privacy because they usually get messenger text.

The Facebook developer page says that when you get the result “this person is unavailable in messenger”, one user deletes a conversation. Characteristic, if it is, you can open Facebook and reply to the person even though he deleted the conversation. This means that if you can send messages from the Facebook web, there is a “person unavailable” notice in the manager, but this may be a small signal that the person has deleted previous chats. This is not the answer yet, there may be some problems with the manager as well.

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unavailable in Facebook

How can you fix the issue ‘This person is unavailable in Facebook

It’s not easy to fix “not available in person messenger”. Facebook is an complex app (especially when it comes to any issue) and even the support team can’t give you anything specific. You have to look at the reasons. All the reasons are mentioned above and some have no way to fix them. Be that as it may, if you can message him on Facebook or the web (try it) but you can’t text him in Messenger, then your Messenger cache should be deleted or deleted. If you do not know how to clear the cache, try uninstalling and installing the manager.

You can also trying the following steps

1.Update your Facebook and messenger application

A good place to start is to update your messenger app. Some app bugs fix automatically when you publish through developers. If it resolves that this person is unavailable to launch Messenger, you can save a lot of time for all the problems.
Visit the store or the store of your choice based on your phone’s form and check if you get a new update! If so, install the update, and this is probably a good message for clearing the app cache and data. Re-login to your account in the Messenger app and see if it fixes the user’s unavailable message.
Make sure that you give all permission to Facebook to run your messenger app smoothly.

2.Check do you blocked by each other

If you get this type of notice from messenger that ‘this person is unavailable’ there may be this possibility that you may be blocked by each other .If you blocked the recipient you can unblock him or her to make the recipient. Unluckily if you blocked by the user you can’t get him or her until the user unblock you and make you his friend again. In this situation you can ask him about the matter and if it cause by mistake you can asked the user to unblock you.
The user can block you in two ways:
1.on Facebook
2,on Messenger

When you blocked on messenger you may face following problems
1.both of you will remain Facebook friends
2.both of you can like, comment or share booth’s post
3.if you or the user don’t customize your post you can get all the post’s notifications.
4.if the user blocked you on messenger you can’t send messages the user on messenger .In such situation it is tough to find out the reason why you blocked by the user.

The following problems you will face when you blocked on Facebook
1.both of you will not remain Facebook friends. can’t find each other on Facebook and you can’t like ,comment or share each other’s posts for not to find each other. cannot make and see the conversation with each other .
4.Most of you you can send the user friend request

By clicking on the info icon in the upper right corner, you can check if a person is being blocked directly from Messenger. Then click on the profile icon to go to his profile. This message will come when you are blocked-

Content not found

At this time, we are unable to display the requested page. It may be down, the link you clicked may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

3.check the User’s account status

Check if the user account is active or not. If you do not get the user on messenger there is a possibility to disable the user’s account by Facebook authority or the user may deactivate his or her account for any reason. It is possible that if the account was fake and Facebook identified and removed them from the database.

There is a possibility that the user has violated the rules on Facebook such as spamming, posting violent content, adult content, etc. If a few other accounts report the user for violating the rules, Facebook may delete the user’s account.

Whatever the reason, your job is to find out if the account has been activated or deleted. To test this, consider checking your friends list. Search by username or email (if you know their email), if they appear, it means the account is still active.
This does not apply if you are blocked from that account, so you may want to consider searching the account from your friend’s account.

If the user is a close friend of yours, you can ask him / her directly about the status of their account or mutual friends to see if the user’s account is appearing in their friends list. It can verify two conditions – if the account is visible from their edge, you can almost be sure that the user has blocked you. If mutual friends can’t find the account, your recipient must deactivate / delete their account on Facebook.

The following conditions are the least likely, however, to be a solution to a problem that is not available to the user.

4.Make sure that you don’t blocked the user by mistake

The next thing you should do is check your block list to see if you have accidentally blocked the person you are trying to contact.
Even if there is a very low probability that you are blocking the person and this person is not found in the messenger issue, it still makes sense to verify that you are not blocking the person unintentionally.
You can check it by following way:
1.You can open the messenger and go to chat.
2.To go to the individual chat you can click on the chat name.
3.Go to the bottom and check under the Privacy and Support Section
.4.If you get the unblock option that means the user is blocked by you.
5.If you get the block option you keep that as it is.

5.Check the Facebook memories

You can know the status of the account through Facebook memory. In Facebook Memory, you’ll be able to find comments and likes from previous people. If you can click the person’s username, it means they have not blocked you.
If you can’t click on the name of the profile and it looks black, it means the opposite. You are not blocked by the person or the account does not exist.

How you can check memories on Phone:
!.On your phone open Facebook
2.check the memories on searcher
3.Tap on memories

How you can check memories on PC
1.on the Facebook search on PC under the explore option click on “See More” .
2.Scroll down and click on Memories

6.Try to sending Friend request from PC

One way to reach the people you want is to go to their Facebook profile and send a message request. If the person accepts, you can start the conversation again.
“This person is unavailable in Messenger” is not a release from the app bug. This may be related to the Facebook Messenger app bug. You can log in to your account and try a message to that person from the Facebook web version.

Many people have experienced this situation – they can send using the Facebook web but not on Messenger. If you can, you can find a bug in the Messenger app, clear the app’s cache and data, and then log in to your account.

7.You can go through Facebook Lite

Not very popular change, especially in this regard. Facebook Lite has important features for surfing your Facebook. It does not require an additional messenger app as opposed to the full version of the Facebook app. You can see the Facebook Lite that you can see by looking at the same notice in Messenger. If you can send one from the FB lite app, you would have to use. it while the chat is working.

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