The on-screen keyboard that comes with Android differs from other platforms. It appears that you have switched to a different keyboard at this time. Here’s how you can change back to the default keyboard on your Android device or revert to the standard Android keyboard if that’s what you prefer.

The Google Play Store indeed houses various fantastic Android keyboard applications for users. One such program is called SwiftKey. In terms of design, usability, and usefulness, it is superior to the keyboard that comes preinstalled on Android devices (for example, it lets you transfer text from your Android device to your Windows computer and vice versa). Additionally, the iOS version is accessible.

However, some favor using the default keyboard or one pre-installed on their device rather than any third-party alternatives. After installing a different keyboard app on your Android device, you might be curious about how to revert to the default Android keyboard.

Why do you stick with the default keyboard on your Android device?

The Gboard keyboard, which is pre-installed on all Android devices, does not require the user to have root access or perform any other special action to use it. Because it is adaptable, you will have no trouble tailoring it to your requirements. Because gestures are supported, typing is both simpler and quicker than before.

The software is routinely updated to incorporate any new features or enhancements, and it also has great predictive text and autocorrects capabilities. In addition, the program is regularly updated. The proper steps to restore your Android device’s keypad to its factory default settings.

On Android, reverting to the previous keyboard layout is a straightforward process. You may access those settings by opening the Settings app on your device. To use the normal keyboard that comes with Android, select the current keyboard from the Languages & input menu.

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The steps for changing the Android keyboard are as follows:

  1. Simply navigate to the menu labelled “Preferences.” After that, choose “More options” from the menu.
  2. To change the keyboard’s layout, select Settings > Languages & input from the menu.
  3. Take Advantage of This Keyboard. The keyboard that you are currently making use of is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  4. The capability to select a different keyboard layout is now a viable option. You are not restricted to using the keyboard that comes pre-installed on your Android device and is instead free to use any other alternative you choose. G board is the default Android keyboard that may be found on various instruments.

Some users have stated that after changing the keyboard on an Android device, returning to the default keyboard is difficult. This is even though changing the keyboard is rather easy. If you follow the procedures outlined above, changing the layout of your Android keyboard back to its default setting shouldn’t be too difficult.

Importance & Suggestion:

Every Android device should include a keyboard because it is one of the most important but underappreciated features. The majority of the time, the keyboard that comes preinstalled on your smartphone will be sufficient to meet your requirements. But that’s before you find out that the present market is filled with a broad choice of amazing keyboards that can make your typing experience completely different from what it used to be.

Even if it’s not the best option, it’s simple to become accustomed to what’s currently present and to continue making use of it indefinitely because of how easy it is. Why settle for less if you know you’re capable of more?

To help you type more efficiently and stylishly on your Android device, we have created a list of available top keyboard apps. Many years of testing and user feedback have gone into the design of these keyboards. What they do, they do very well.

Some of these services can even automatically retrieve one-time passwords from your SMS app and provide a wide variety of customization options in addition to repairing your spelling mistakes and recommending the appropriate words at the appropriate times. Some of the top android keyboards are Gboard, SwiftKey, Grammarly, Chroma, Fleksy etc.

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