At this time, there are lots of android games on the play store. Many games need internet connections. Sometimes, It disturbs showing the annoying ads or pop ups the overall gaming experience. Are you facing this problem, and do you want the best offline android online games?

Sometimes it could happen, you have no access to the internet, but badly you want to play the game. So the best option is you have to keep free android on mobile, which does not need internet connections.

10 Best Offline Android Games

The smartphone is a perfect way to play the game of game lovers. They can play the game any time and any place. Moreover, this article discusses the best offline games in 2021, and you can choose one when you feel bored.


1. Badland

In 2012 badland got the connection Europe Best Project award, and in 2013, It also got the apple design award. It’s an original platform game with settings created with dark graphics. However, This background is more surprising and challenging for game lovers.

There are two cute legged and winged In badland. It flies around the screen when you press the keyboard, and you can shoot with it. In this game, the danger is everywhere, which makes it more enjoyable for the game lovers.

 How to play this game, it’s learning its part of the game. As an android game, you can start tapping on the screen, After touching it makes the fuzzball soar. This game is easy to play and gets lost in fun.

Make More

2. Make More

This is one of the best free apps only available on Android. Make More is now the current version running is 1.2.1 and last updated on 2/01/2017. In fact this game is available for those people who want to play freely. You can operate android 4.3 and higher in this version. However, this language is English. The install size is based on the device size.

Geometry Dash Lite

3. Geometry Dash Lite

This game is a very complicated 2D platform game. You have to overcome all obstacles in the way to reach the end level. In this game, you have to jump at the right time when you face obstacles, and you make any mistake, you have to restart again.

These games run extremely difficult. In the beginning, you will get the two modes. The first one is normal, and the second one is training. Finishing the level requires a lot of patience. Sometimes it can be frustrating because it’s not easy to finish the level. 

Alto's Adventure

4. Alto’s Adventure

This game is an endless runner. Alto’s lamas in a desperate cap chase down a mountain that makes them grind along with banners, outracing your seniors and jumping chasms.

In the beginning of the game, This adventure is a simple conflict. You can’t move your eyes from this game because of the beauty. It’s difficult to escape the feeling, which is stunning visuals with a new coat of pain.



The 2D platform puzzle game is Limbo. Generally, it is released On Xbox live, and you can play these games on your pc via stream. In this game, the journeys time, you can control a boy in fighting time. Limbo has fantastic animations and adds a lot of atmosphere and depth, Moreover the sound is also unique and clear.

In this feature, you get a lot of puzzels and obstacles. Sometimes you can get the punishment and have to survive the horror place, it isn’t very easy.

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6. Implosion

This game is one of the best most downloaded and offline android games. Even it brings the AAA console gaming experience to the smartphone. In this game,  you will get heartbreaking graphics, and the sound quality is super. However, you have to protect humanity from the alien.

When you play this game, it doesn’t need internet connections.  It has six levels which are unblocked, each level has to fill with explanatory challenges. Before the start of the game, you can choose the level.

Into the Dead

7. Into the Dead

If you want to experience strange fear in a dark room where you don’t have any way to escape, you can take it from this game. In this dead game, you have to do as much as possible to save your life from the zombies. In a zombie world, you have to survive what you need, you have to do it, otherwise you will be killed by the zombies.

In this game, the weapons are locked, you have to unlock them by finishing the goal. There are some missions to guide you throughout the game. From your friends, you can win the battle

3D Pool Ball

8. 3D Pool Ball

3D Pool Ball is one of the best fun games in the world. In playing time, It doesn’t need the internet. The android user is the perfect game for them. Moreover, it offers a pocket builder with a 3D view, and it feels you are in the real world. You can play like a pro player and achieve the trophy.


9. Eternium

In this game, you can remind yourself of torchlight. It has innovative features, and you control the player. Moreover, it has some features which you need online. 

You can play like a warrior with a sword and learn a new ticket to build your attribute. You have to jump the dark caves, explore the forest and a few others.

Legend of Darkness

10. Legend of Darkness

Legend of Darkness is one of the popular offline games where the warrior kills monsters to go to the next level. However, you have to collect the equipment to defeat the demons. If you can beat a strong monster, you can get the award. 

Assuming that you make a trip starting with one zone then onto the next with no internet connection and are still bored at that time, the best offline game android game helps you to recover the bore.

 Soul Craft

You can also try this game. In this game has fantastic designs with devils and other nasty. You can play this game with different modes such as time run, arena, Hellgate, crystal defence, and boss fights.

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