How to fix Google Translator Not Working


Google translator is developed by Google. Its a life saver for technology and internet user. In this extension, Users can type the text they wish to translate, speak aloud, or take a picture containing the text. Sometimes it’s unable to work so, we will discuss how to fix the google translator.

It also helps students, teacher, official worker or somebody who don’t understand other language which is unknown to him. Google Translate is a great option for tourists or personal usage.

So you can say that if your Google translator is not working then its too much annoying for users. Today we will describe some tricky tricks that How to fix Google Translator  if its not working.

How to fix Google Translator not working: 

Google Translate module may not work properly. So you should apply some functions to fix this google translator not working problem.

1. Internet Connection : If you Have to check that you have proper internet connection. It is important to have internet to make this extension work properly.

2. Setting: This Translation extension lets you search suggestive words and phrase while typing text. If you have problems with Google Translator not working , you can try changing the settings in your extension.

3. Restart your windows: You have to restart your Windows after changing the settings of Google Translator extension.

4. Insecure information: Occasionally users insert some information that is insecure or unethical, then Google translator prevents this from translating.

5. Allow: Google Translator does not allow such translations when it contains a hundred pieces of confidential and secure data that could harm a business, an individual image or a country.

6. Supports  Fixed Number of File: Google Translator  can’t  translate InDesign, scanned  pdf or text documents. So don’t translate them unnecessarily.

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7. Translate webpage: In Google Translator extension,  Web Page shows that there is a mixture of different languages. you need to translate these pages.

Right-click any vacant area within a webpage, and then click Translate to English. This page wants that you prompt English language.  After doing this if you want to go back your own language you have to reload your page

8. INCOGNITO MODE: If you are facing Google Translator not working repeatedly, then there are ways to solve the problem.

Procces 1: open the Chrome menu,
Procces 2: click New Incognito Mode to bring up a fresh Incognito window.

If it shows problem then The following steps have to be followed

Step 1. Chrome Extensions screen (Chrome menu > More Tools > Extensions),
Step 2: keep disabling extensions while attempting to translate webpages to isolate the problematic extension.

9. CLEAR COOKIES AND CACHE: Google translator is a important extension Not working Google translator is a very annoying thing. If someone repeatedly encounters problems working with the translator, you can clear Google Translate’s cache and data. This will delete all downloaded languages. solve the problem. Follow the steps below to clear cache and data:

Step: Go to Settings -> Installed apps/application management -> Translate -> Memory usage.
Tap Clear data and clear cache.

9. Restore default browser settings:  It is possible that none of the above steps worked. Repeatedly,  you are facing Google Translator not working.  In this scenario, Restore default browser settings.

Step 1: Start the Chrome browser > click on the vertical ellipse in the upper right corner of the window.
Step 2: click Settings on the menu
Step 3: expand the Advanced section in the left pane of the window
Step 4: click Reset and Clean Up.
Step 5: click Reset settings to their original default values.

Hopefully, We have provided all the information and solutions to the problems that can be solved with Google Translator

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