How to stop your phone from overheating? because mobile phones have become such an essential part of our business and personal life, it is critical that they remain in excellent working order. People can’t stop using their phones for even a day, whether they’re binge-watching their favorite movies and shows, playing games, reading articles/e-books, interacting on applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, or simply making calls for personal or business reasons. However, it is also true that this constant use of cell phones has resulted in a bothersome issue: overheating. In this article, we’ll show you how to prevent your phone from overheating.

Yes, phone overheating is one of the most prevalent issues we face nowadays. And, because it can cause serious issues with the device, such as rapid battery drain, auto restarting, forced shutdown, and even screen damage, it is not to be taken lightly. We should take efforts to protect our phones in the same way that we take precautions to protect our bodies from overheating.


Overuse of the phone: Despite the fact that most firms construct their products with current users in mind. Even yet, any phone might overheat if you stay with it for hours, playing games, or viewing films. After all, a mobile phone is a piece of technology, and it is likely to overheat at some point.

Too Much Processing: Another major cause of phone overheating is multi-processing. You’re downloading a game while simultaneously watching a video. Your network-related functions, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hotspot, are also turned on, and background apps are active. This multitasking maybe a little too much for your device to manage, resulting in overheating.

Liquid insertion: Liquid insertion and moisture are frequently the cause of your phone quickly heating up. Furthermore, certain obsolete devices may not have been intended to handle high call and data transfer volumes.


Close all Idle Applications: Closing all open but idle apps is one of the simplest ways to keep your phone from overheating. We frequently use an app, then log off, but the app remains open in the background. Many folks are completely unaware of this. Simply shutting off all of these apps will not only prevent your phone from overheating but will also reduce your power consumption.

Keep Your Phone Out of Direct Sunlight: This is more of a matter of basic sense. If your window is open and bright sunshine streams through, the best thing you can do is keep your phone out of direct sunlight. Direct contact with scorching sun rays frequently causes the phone to heat up.

Reduce Battery Pressure: The higher the battery pressure, the hotter the phone will become. As a result, seek for solutions to relieve the strain on your phone’s battery.

– As previously noted, closing all idle apps is a quick remedy.

– When your phone is charging, don’t use it.

– Maintaining an ideal or low brightness level is another way to cure an overheated phone. Many users simply increase the brightness bar to its maximum setting without considering the phone’s battery life. Reduce the brightness setting to the lowest possible level when not in use, and your phone will keep relatively cool. Maintain a charge percentage of 40-80%. Don’t leave your phone charging overnight.

Remove the Phone Case: Your phone, like you, needs to breathe now and then. You can assist the phone cool down faster by removing its case, especially if the weather is hot and humid.

Use Airplane Mode: Many people use their phones for simple tasks that do not require the complete gadget to be functioning. For example, if a person is writing a notepad essay on their phone late at night and is not anticipating a phone call, turning on airplane mode will keep the phone’s battery at a stress-free level. It will allow the user to use the phone’s normal functions while also allowing the phone to cool down.

Avoid playing graphically intensive games for long periods of time.

If you play graphically intensive games like PUBG and Fortnite for long periods of time, your phone is likely to overheat. It reduces battery life and increases the risk of overheating.

As a result, it’s best to avoid it, especially if your phone has limited RAM.

Delete Unused Apps: Another technique to solve an overheating phone is to delete unnecessary apps. When you store a lot of apps, you end up with a lot of garbage files and cached data, which increases the workload and causes overheating. As a result, you should just keep the applications that you require and eliminate the rest.

Keep your apps and system up to date: New updates typically include bug fixes aimed at improving the effectiveness of the app and your phone. This means they’re more prone to get into mischief. So make sure your programs and operating system are up to date.

Factory Reset: If a program or piece of software is to blame, Factory Reset can help.

– Press the Power button to turn off the phone.

– After that, hold down Volume Up + Power for a few seconds.

– When the brand logo appears on the screen, release the Power key.

– When the Recovery Mode appears, release Volume Up.

– After that, choose Factory Reset/wipe data

Note: Because a factory reset will permanently destroy all of your information and applications, make sure you back up your data before proceeding.

Final Thought

Nonetheless, it’s possible that the problem of overheating will escalate into a major concern. You may have no choice but to rush to a service center in such a situation. At that time, you should only go to an authorized service center that can provide you with the greatest repair service and guidance. In the event that your TECNO, Itel, or Infinix phone overheats, the service center is always ready to assist you. After properly inspecting the item to determine what caused the problem, they will provide the best remedy for you based on your exact model and other factors.

You may discover your local service location by using their app or visiting their website during business hours. You can also use their Online Reservation service to skip the line at the center and get quick service.

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