Last few increased and between  pandemic time we can’t think without online class for our children. Most of teacher’s are used to continue their class through online linked zoom, meeting, skype etc. For better remote learning facilities Teacher’s are now searching best tools and teaching properties to encourage their students in their study. Since they are unable to teach directly therefore, the subject of their education has to be diversified.

When you are talking about online or offline class Google Slides can be one of your best option. Teacher’s can display their educational topic simple and attractive to their audience or students through  Google templates or slides.

Vast range and Variety in Google template slides. Many sites serves many tools for different purposes in Google. You can use templates as you need from those sites. You can make notes and point down your important topics on these template slides when you presenting your presentation to your audience. For practice you can give to your audience printed Google slide with notes for a better perspective of presentation.

Some Best Google Slides For Impress Your Audience

If your audience are interactive and interested to your class teaching should be more fun. When you teaching presentation should be important to your audience to attract to you.
Colorful design in google slide template can help your presentation impressive to your audience in your classroom session. If you accustomed with power point slide you can also go through the software.

1. Greenboard free Google slide slides

If you are a teacher of science background or environmental science, a greenboard background can attracted your audience attention in a blink if your eye.
You can use this templates for school or college students. It can also used by you for maps, information, graps or other visual information or elements to enrich your templates attraction. In your slide green and white combination can attractive and helps the information and word more valuable to students or audience. You can use this templates free in Power point template.

2. Technology Google Slide Template

Due to unicolor the technology google slide template is soothing to your eyes. To attracted your students you can use easily these technology google slide templates on the base of science and technology. The moderate color background makes the presentation template attractive. For this reason your audience keep their interest till end of your presentation. The presentation contains many slide with different design. These different design with slide can help you to communicate your ideas with your students or audience.

3. Elegant Google Slide Template

You can give your presentation as a sophisticated look by stylish and elegant google slide template. This slide is look like a word itself. It is perfect for any type of project or presentation. You can customize your presentation in google slide or download them as PowerPoint PPT templates for free. Elegant google slide templates will impress your student or audience in a blink of eye. Its beyond your imagination to create your presentation is simple and easy. It don’t take your time or give you Hassel how to begin. It also contains some unique slide that let all of your information impressively.

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4. Quintus Presentation Template

Devising method of delivering presentation is the best way to attracting students or audience. By adding some variation to your presentation using this PowerPoint templates or google slide theme is called Quintus. Quintus design is like an open book, and your presentation is like placed on the books place. If you want to inventing idea for this free presentation template you can place drawing/photos and a big text in every slide. If you present your topic, writing, story telling, education or editorial sector it can be a great theme for you.
It has some features which are showing below :

5. Jachimo Presentation Template

If your presentation has a strong storytelling and you are capable to engage and surprise your audience or students jachimo free presentation template is great for you. It can be help you all sorts of presentation. Your presentation will be playful with this template. Every template shouldn’t requires a serious and strong look. Some presentation should go with funny and playful appearance that can help you to connected with your audience or students. This slides templates is inspired by comic books. This template is creative, professional. By using this free templates if you wish to incorporeal storytelling this template is one of the best templates for them whose are in teaching profession.

6. Harry Potter Google Slide Template

Do you ever think about shaking your unusual classroom with a magical google slide presentation? If you not, you can think about Harry Potter Google Slide Template. All of your young kids in your class will be super attentive. For this template the developer was specially requested by a 6th grade teacher Matt Meyer. There are different designs and designs of cartoon in this presentation. Your presentation on these slide can capture your online and off line classes. This kid friendly template help you to connect and attracted your students and it also make you familiar teacher to your students easily.

7. Professional Google Slide Template

For business presentation Professional google slide template is more suitable. More over it can be used for them who teaches marking in school, college or universities. As a teacher you can get unconditional attention from your audience or learners can get from this slide for its sophisticated design. Various icons for various purpose is the specialty of the slide. You can use these icons in your presentation.

8. Lucius Presentation Template

When you teaching to kindergarten or day care students it will be more challenging task as a teacher. It will be a big challenge as a teacher as the small learner gives a short attention to your presentation. So you have to present your presentation in a technical and extraordinary way. Lucius Presentation Template was designed on this thought. The graphic design of this slide attempt to attracted the kids attention and helped them focused in their study.

9. Friar Presentation Template

For many person science can be a monotonous subject. Specially for children, Science is a scary subject. In this situation it may seem difficult for teachers to try to get students to pay attention to what they are teaching. The friar presentation template can help the respected teachers to gain attention to the younger students. This friar presentation template contains science themed design. Able to distinguish your content by hand-drawn illustrated backgrounds. If you do not want to bother your session, you can use the great images contained in this template.
These templates are fully editable, easy to change color, text, photos. Its a template which contains playful design with science theme. It has customizable icon family which have 80 different icon and a world map. These templates use as a google slide theme or download as a power point template. So if you want to teach science or science related subject you can use this particular template.

10. Ursula Presentation Template

In the pandemic time we all used with distance learning. But for young students, distance learning is quite tough. They can’t take the lesson easily for their age capacity. How is about this thought, what if, you can take your classroom on to your computer? The ursula presentation template has a standard blackboard look which make you feel that you are attending a real class in your school or college. You can create your presentation playful with this template.
In this templates fonts and icons have a fresh hand drawn look. The white color of of the template makes the content pop against the dark textured background. For talking about education it is a great template. This template have some feature like fully editable, easy to change color, text and photos. Have different slide with tips which improve your presentation. It has 80 different customizable icon with a world map. This templates can download as a PowerPoint template.


Google slide is an essential teaching material for teachers. User allowed by google templates to make exceptional presentation by delivering idea and concept to audience. Teachers can make a valuable effective presentation within minutes to deliver to their respective classes by these google template slides.
Teachers can choice any types of slides based on his subjects. Though these templates are free and editable but teachers have scope to choose their good, and perfect template. Teachers can choose Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation  as an alternative to Google Slide presentation template.

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