Google Assistant is surely that actual assistant that makes our life a lot better, from retrieving quick information on the web to scheduling activities, setting timers and alarms, playing your favorite music, and assisting you with various tasks on your device. However, Google Assistance can be irritating at times, making you want to turn it off entirely. Such annoyances include pop-ups when you don’t need them, spying on your conversations, being present in the background, and so on. Today we will discuss the 4 Steps To Disable Google Assistant In Android Device.

If Google Assistant has become a disturbance on your phone, you may be seeking a method to turn it off. After all, it has no bearing on the device’s functionality. In this post, you’ll learn how to entirely disable Google Assistant on your phone, or, better yet, how to eliminate certain of its triggers that irritate you.

How to turn off Google Assistance on Android Phone

If you find Google Assistance to be a disturbance rather than a useful function, we’re sure you’d do anything to get rid of it from your smartphone. After that, all you have to do now is follow these simple instructions.

After removing Google Assistance, you’ll be notified with a list of features you’ll miss. To confirm the action, tap ‘TURN OFF’ below it.

This will entirely disable Google Assistance on your phone. Press the home button for a long time, then push the dedicated Assistance button, pressing the buttons on your headphones, or swiping out from the bottom corner will no longer activate Google Assistant.

Do you really want to turn off Google Assistance completely?

Yes. Are you sure you want to? The number of people who desire to get rid of Google Assistance on their Android devices is divided into several categories. Some people don’t like how it listens in on their talks in the background, analyzes it, and tries to answer queries that aren’t directed at them. And that’s when it starts to irritate you!

If you fall within this category, you might not want to entirely off Google Assistance. All you have to do is disable Google Assistant’s Voice Match. This prevents them from listening in on your conversations. You can still utilize Google Assistance using your headphones, the navigation bar, or the specific Google Assistance button on some phones like the TECNO POUVOIR 4 and others.

How to turn off Google Assistance Voice Match

Follow the instructions below to prevent Google Assistant from recording and analyzing your voice in the background. The hot words ‘OK Google’ and ‘Hello Google’ will also be disabled.

How to turn off Google Assistance Headphones

You could also be annoyed if Google Assistance goes on automatically when you push the button on your wired or wireless headphones. It’s aggravating when you want to use the headphone button to control your music playback (play, pause, next, previous), but the Assistance responds instead. In this situation, instead of turning off Google Assistance fully, you may need to disable it for headphones.

Here’s how to do it:

How to turn off Google Assistance on Google Home

If you have a Google Home smart speaker, it’s likely that you don’t want it to listen to your voice in the background. In that case, you should probably turn it off.

It’s easy to turn off Google Assistance on your Google Home devices. Simply turn the hardware switch on the back of the gadget to the opposite side. The microphone will be muted as a result of this, but you can still use it for other purposes besides accessing Google Assistant.

I hope this article will you the steps to Disable Google Assistant In Android Device.

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