Ws-858 Wireless Microphone How to Charge

To charge the Ws-858 wireless microphone, connect it to an active computer using a USB cable, ensuring the device is turned off. If you encounter difficulties locating the USB port, refer to the manual for guidance on its location and any protective cover it may have.

When it comes to charging a wireless microphone, it is crucial to understand the correct procedure to ensure the device remains operational when needed. By following the given instructions, users can effectively charge their microphone using a USB connection to an active computer.

This simple and efficient method contributes to the longevity and reliability of the microphone’s battery, ensuring it remains operational for extended periods. Understanding the charging process assures users of seamless functionality and performance when using the wireless microphone for various applications, be it karaoke, public speaking, or recording purposes.

Charging Basics For Ws-858

Understanding the Ws-858 battery specifications: Before charging your Ws-858 wireless microphone, it’s important to understand its battery specifications. Ensure that the charging voltage and current are compatible with the device to avoid damage.

Identifying the microphone’s charging port: Locate the charging port on the Ws-858. The charging port is typically located on the bottom or side of the microphone. Refer to the user manual for assistance if needed.

Choosing the right USB charging cable: Select a USB charging cable that matches the specifications outlined in the user manual. Using the wrong cable can lead to ineffective charging or potential harm to the microphone’s battery.

Step-by-step Charging Guide

Ensuring the microphone is powered off: Before beginning the charging process, it’s crucial to ensure that the Ws-858 wireless microphone is powered off. This will prevent any potential issues during the charging process and ensure a smooth charging experience.

Connecting to a power source: Once the microphone is confirmed to be turned off, you can proceed to connect it to a power source. Utilize the provided USB charging cable to connect one end to the microphone and the other end to a compatible power outlet or an active computer to begin the charging process.

Recognizing charging indicators: When the microphone is successfully connected to the power source, pay attention to the charging indicators. These indicators will provide valuable information about the charging status, such as when the battery voltage is too low, the product will automatically shut down, ensuring a safe and efficient charging process.

Optimizing Microphone Charge

Charging the Ws-858 wireless microphone is essential to ensure uninterrupted performance. To maximize battery life and performance, it’s important to avoid common charging mistakes. When charging the microphone, always use a compatible charger to prevent damage. Additionally, consider charging on-the-go solutions such as power banks for convenience during outdoor events. To charge the microphone, simply connect it to an active computer using a USB cable. Ensure that the USB port is accessible by referring to the manual. Keep the device safe by closing the cover on the USB port after charging.

Ws-858 Wireless Microphone How to Charge


Frequently Asked Questions For Ws-858 Wireless Microphone How To Charge

How Do I Charge My Wireless Microphone?

To charge your wireless microphone, connect it to an active computer using a USB cable. The USB port can usually be located by referring to the manual and comes with a protective cover for safety. Check that the on/off button on the receiver is not in reset position and use the appropriate charging unit for the mic batteries.

How Do I Charge My Amazon Microphone?

To charge your Amazon microphone, connect it to a charger on an active computer using a USB cable. Ensure the on/off button is not in reset, then plug it into any USB port for charging. Always refer to the manual if you have trouble locating the USB port.

How Do You Charge A Microphone Speaker?

To charge a microphone speaker, turn it off and use a USB cable to connect it to an active computer’s USB port. Refer to the manual if you have trouble finding the USB port. The microphone should always have a cover on the USB port for protection.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Karaoke Microphone?

It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge a karaoke microphone using a USB cable on an active computer.


Charging your WS-858 wireless microphone is simple and convenient. Using the provided USB charging cable, you can easily connect it to an active computer or any USB port. Ensure the microphone is turned off during the charging process to avoid any issues.

Once fully charged, you’ll be ready to enjoy your karaoke experience without any interruptions.

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