To access the web browser on a Hisense Smart TV, navigate to “My Apps,” choose the Browser app, and press OK. Once selected, you can browse the Internet on your Hisense TV. Nowadays, smart TVs offer a wide range of functionality beyond traditional television viewing.


Hisense Smart TVs include a built-in web browser, allowing users to surf the internet directly from their TV screens. This feature expands the viewing experience by providing access to a variety of online content, web-based services, and entertainment options. Accessing the web browser on a Hisense Smart TV is a straightforward process, offering convenience and versatility to users seeking to explore the online world from the comfort of their living rooms.


Accessing The Browser

To access the web browser on your Hisense Smart TV, start by navigating to the home screen using the remote. Once on the home screen, identify the apps section and look for the web browser icon. You can typically find the web browser icon among the installed apps. Once located, select the web browser icon using the remote and press the OK button to launch the web browser. This will allow you to access the internet and browse the web directly on your Hisense Smart TV.

Using The Browser On Hisense Tv

To access the web browser on your Hisense TV, you can navigate to the “My Apps” section using your remote and select the Browser app followed by pressing OK. Once the browser opens, you can input a URL or search query using the remote control to browse the web. Additionally, to customize browser settings, you may need to access the browser’s menu options by pressing a specific button on the remote. Navigating through the browser interface can be done using the directional buttons on the remote for easy navigation and control.


Troubleshooting Browser Issues

Having trouble accessing the web browser on your Hisense Smart TV? If you encounter issues with the browser not opening, first ensure that the TV firmware is up to date. Updating the firmware can often resolve compatibility issues and improve performance. Additionally, if you’re experiencing slow browser performance, consider clearing the cache and cookies on the browser to optimize its functionality.

Where is Web Browser on Hisense Smart Tv




Frequently Asked Questions Of Where Is Web Browser On Hisense Smart Tv


Do Hisense Tvs Have A Web Browser?


Yes, Hisense TVs have a web browser. You can access it from the My Apps menu and select the Browser app, then press OK. You can search for content on Google by inputting queries in the search bar.


How Do I Search Google On My Hisense Smart Tv?


To search Google on your Hisense Smart TV, go to “My Apps,” select the Browser app, and hit OK. Then, enter your search query in the search bar to find content on Google.


How Do You Search The Internet On A Hisense Smart Tv?


To search the Internet on a Hisense Smart TV, go to My Apps and select the Browser app. Use the remote to input a query in the search bar. Alternatively, press the Home button, scroll to Apps, and select TV Browser to access the web.


How Do I Open Browser On Smart Tv?


To open the browser on your Hisense TV: 1. Select “My Apps” from the menu. 2. Choose the “Browser” app and press OK. 3. To search, enter the desired content using the search bar.




Accessing the web browser on your Hisense Smart TV is a seamless process. With a few simple steps, you can easily search for and access online content using the Browser app. Whether you want to stream videos or browse websites, your Hisense TV offers a convenient and user-friendly browsing experience.


Say goodbye to any uncertainty about finding the web browser on your Hisense TV, and enjoy a seamless online experience right from your living room.

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