When you encounter Google Slides error 150, it typically means the video owner has restricted its playback on external websites or platforms like Google Slides. This can occur when attempting to play a YouTube video embedded in a Google Slides presentation.


The issue arises due to the owner’s settings, which prohibit playback on external platforms. To resolve this, try contacting the video owner to request permission for external playback or consider uploading the video to Google Drive and inserting it as a video file in Google Slides.


Troubleshooting errors while editing Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides may also help resolve this issue. Understanding the underlying cause of the error is crucial in finding a suitable resolution.


Understanding The Error 150 Problem

If you see an ‘Unable to play video’ error message in Google Slides, it is likely due to restrictions imposed by the video’s owner, typically preventing its playback on external platforms. This issue arises when attempting to play an embedded YouTube video within a Google Slides presentation. For G Suite account users, there might also be restrictions on the ‘Insert Video’ feature. Such errors can impact the smooth delivery of presentations, requiring efficient troubleshooting to rectify the issue.

Causes Of Video Playback Issues

When encountering the “Unable to Play Video Error 150” in Google Slides, it is essential to consider potential causes for the video playback issues. Firstly, the video’s privacy settings on YouTube could be restricting its playback on external websites or platforms like Google Slides. This limitation may result in the video being unable to play. Additionally, it is crucial to assess the compatibility of the video with Google Slides, as certain video formats or codecs may not be supported. Furthermore, ensuring that the software is updated and any bugs are fixed can also contribute to resolving the playback issues. These factors should be carefully examined and addressed to rectify the “Unable to Play Video Error 150” effectively.

Checking Video Permissions

When encountering the “Unable to Play Video Error 150” in Google Slides, it usually indicates restrictions set by the video owner, preventing playback on external platforms like Google Slides. To resolve this issue, it is essential to verify and adjust the YouTube video settings to allow playback on external websites. Additionally, requesting access from the video owner might help resolve the error and allow seamless playback within Google Slides. By ensuring the correct settings and permissions are in place, users can troubleshoot and overcome this playback restriction, enabling them to incorporate videos into their presentations without encountering the error.

Technical Solutions For Playback Error

When encountering the Unable to Play Video Error 150 in Google Slides, there are several technical solutions that can be employed. Firstly, it is recommended to update and refresh the browser to ensure it is functioning optimally. Additionally, clearing the cache and cookies may resolve any playback issues. Furthermore, re-embedding the YouTube video within the presentation can also rectify the error.

Alternative Video Integration Methods

When encountering the “Unable to Play Video Error 150” in Google Slides, users have alternative options for video integration. One method involves downloading the video and inserting it as a local file directly into the presentation. This circumvents any restrictions that the video’s owner may have placed on external playback. Another approach is to utilize third-party video hosting services, which can offer more flexibility in embedding videos within Google Slides presentations.

Network And Firewall Restrictions

When encountering the “Unable to Play Video Error 150” in Google Slides, it’s essential to analyze the network settings to ensure that video streams can be accessed. If the issue persists, consider adjusting the firewall settings to allow the playback of videos within Google Slides. These steps can alleviate the restrictions imposed by network configurations and firewalls, ultimately enabling the seamless playback of videos in your presentations.

G Suite Account Considerations

When facing the “Unable to Play Video Error 150” in Google Slides, it’s essential to consider the G Suite account settings impacting video playback. Collaborating with IT administrators is crucial to troubleshoot and resolve this issue effectively. It’s important to review the G Suite settings that may affect video playback within Google Slides. By ensuring the appropriate permissions and configurations are in place, users can mitigate the occurrence of the error 150 and enable seamless video playback. Engaging with IT support to address any account restrictions or configurations is vital for a smooth presentation experience within Google Slides.

Unable to Play Video Error 150 in Google Slides


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Best Practices For Video Insertion

When inserting videos into Google Slides, it’s important to use supported video formats to ensure seamless playback. Google Slides supports MP4 and MOV video formats, so make sure your videos are in one of these formats before inserting them into your presentation. Additionally, for optimal video resolutions, it’s recommended to use 1280 x 720 (720p) for widescreen presentations and 960 x 720 for standard 4:3 presentations. Keeping your videos within these resolutions will help minimize any potential playback issues. By following these best practices for video insertion, you can ensure a smooth viewing experience for your audience without encountering the Error 150 in Google Slides.



Preventing Future Error 150 Issues

When dealing with the Unable to Play Video Error 150 in Google Slides, it is important to take steps to prevent future issues. Regularly updating Google Slides is crucial, as this can help to address any potential bugs or glitches that may cause the error. Additionally, monitoring changes in Google Slides policies can provide insight into any new restrictions or changes that may affect video playback. By staying proactive and staying informed with updates and policies, you can mitigate the risk of encountering the Error 150 issue in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Unable To Play Video Error 150 In Google Slides


How Do I Fix Unable To Play Video Error 150 On Google Slides?


To fix error 150 on Google Slides, check if the video’s owner has restricted playback. If not, remove and re-insert the video from YouTube, ensuring it’s compatible with Google Slides. Additionally, try using a different browser or checking for any browser extensions causing the issue.


Why Does It Say Unable To Play Video On Google Slides?


When unable to play video on Google Slides, it may be due to playback restrictions set by the video’s owner.


How Do I Fix Google Slides Error?


To fix a Google Slides error, check internet connection, clear browser cache, and reinsert video. If error persists, use a different browser.


How Do You Make A Video Playable On Google Slides?


To make a video playable on Google Slides, you need to ensure that it’s not restricted for external playback. Then, choose “Insert” > “Video” > “By URL” and paste the video’s URL to insert it.




If you’ve encountered the Error 150 in Google Slides, you’re not alone. This issue occurs when trying to play a video embedded from YouTube. Knowing the cause and possible fixes can help resolve this inconvenience. By understanding the restrictions and troubleshooting methods, you can leverage Google Slides more effectively for your presentations.

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