The Smart Tire Company from Shark Tank continues to seek investors and develop their airless, durable, and flat-free tires, based on NASA-developed NiTinol+. The company strives to change tire production and usage, with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

Their efforts align with NASA’s push for advanced materials and technologies to solve real-world problems, including transportation and mobility. Despite not securing a deal on the show, The Smart Tire Company remains committed to achieving success and making a mark in the tire industry.

The Smart Tire Company, founded by Brian Yennie and Earl Cole, entered the Shark Tank seeking investment for their revolutionary airless and flat-free tire technology. While the sharks did not invest, the company’s determination and innovative approach have kept it moving forward. NASA’s influence on the technology and the company’s partnership with aerospace technology experts reflect their commitment to excellence. As the company continues to grow, its vision for sustainable and efficient tire solutions is poised to make a significant impact in the industry.

Company Origins And Vision

The Smart Tire Company originated when co-founders Brian Yennie and Earl Cole looked to NASA for solving tire problems. The company is driven by innovation and aims to revolutionize the tire industry with airless, superelastic tires. The partnership with NASA has been crucial in developing their groundbreaking NiTinol+ material for airless tires. Their vision is to provide durable, resilient tires that eliminate the need for air and traditional rubber, offering a much-needed solution for transportation worldwide.

Shark Tank Appearance Insights

The Smart Tire Company Shark Tank Update: The Smart Tire Company made a remarkable appearance on Shark Tank, seeking to gain valuable insights and secure investment for its innovative product line. The company meticulously prepared a strategic approach to effectively communicate its goals and vision to the sharks, aiming to highlight the unique features and benefits of its cutting-edge tire technology. The insights gathered from The Smart Tire Company’s pitch shed light on the challenges and triumphs encountered during their compelling presentation to the renowned panel of investors.

The sharks’ reception and feedback further provided valuable perspectives on the market potential and the competitive landscape, offering essential guidance for the future growth and development of The Smart Tire Company.

Product Innovation Explained

The Smart Tire Company’s innovative Metl tire technology is revolutionizing tire manufacturing. Utilizing Nitinol, a shape-memory alloy made of nickel and titanium, the company has engineered airless, durable tires that will never go flat. Compared to traditional pneumatic tires, the Metl tires offer unparalleled benefits, such as enhanced durability, resilience, and reliability. The utilization of Nitinol in tire manufacturing paves the way for a new era in tire technology, offering improved performance and longevity for a variety of applications.

Post-shark Tank Journey

The Smart Tire Company appeared on Shark Tank and faced challenges in attracting investment. Despite this setback, the company has continued its post-Shark Tank journey and pursued strategic partnerships to enhance its industry impact. The company has also focused on launching its innovative product and gaining consumer adoption. This journey reflects the resilience and determination of The Smart Tire Company to thrive in the market and establish a strong presence.

Financial Trajectory Post-pitch

The Smart Tire Company had an impressive financial trajectory post-pitch, with significant updates in their crowdfunding campaign. The valuation and investment over time showcased steady growth, attracting increased interest from investors. Additionally, their sales and market penetration demonstrated positive momentum, solidifying their position in the industry. This progress indicated a promising future for The Smart Tire Company, marking a successful evolution from their Shark Tank appearance.

Future Roadmap And Tech Advances

The Smart Tire Company, based in Austin, Texas, remains dedicated to research and development as a key focus of its future roadmap. The company is continuously striving to introduce upcoming product lines and make enhancements to its existing technologies. With a long-term vision for creating sustainable tires, the company aims to lead the industry toward environmental responsibility and innovation.

The Smart Tire Company Shark Tank Update


Frequently Asked Questions Of The Smart Tire Company Shark Tank Update

How Much Is The Smart Tire Company Worth?

The Smart Tire Company’s worth is not publicly available. They are actively seeking investors.

Who Invented Smart Tire?

The smart tire was originally developed by NASA and commercialized by The SMART Tire Company. It is made from a special advanced material NiTinol+ and is airless and durable.

How Much Do Metl Bike Tires Cost?

The cost of Metl bike tires varies. For specific pricing and availability, please check with authorized retailers.

What Is The New Technology For Bike Tires?

The new technology for bike tires is the Metl tire, using NASA’s shape-memory alloy, offering airless and durable features.


The Smart Tire Company’s journey on Shark Tank was a rollercoaster ride, showcasing their innovative approach and resilience. Despite not securing a deal, they continue to strive for success, leaving a mark on the entrepreneurial landscape. The future holds great potential for them as they pursue their vision for revolutionary tire technology.

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