Sons of the Forest has a bug where players don’t face starvation, dehydration, or freezing damage as promised. This issue has generated disappointment among players.

Sons of the Forest has encountered criticism regarding its survival mechanics, particularly the lack of threat from starvation, dehydration, and freezing damage. Despite the promise of a challenging survival element, players are frustrated with the ease of hunting and the absence of imminent danger from hunger, thirst, and exposure.

Subsequently, concerns have been raised within the gaming community and forums, prompting discussions about the overall gameplay experience. As the game strives for realistic survival elements, addressing these issues is essential for player satisfaction and the game’s continued success.

Understanding The Damage Mechanics

The damage mechanics in Sons of the Forest play a crucial role in the game’s survival experience. Understanding the stamina and health system is essential for navigating the challenges presented by environmental hazards. Players must carefully manage the effects of environmental hazards on their survival, balancing between cold, hunger, and enemy encounters. Hard survival mode intensifies these challenges by reducing food spawns, lowering fish and animal spawns, decreasing health and stamina regeneration speeds in cold environments, and increasing penalties for consuming raw or rotten meats. By disabling structure damage, players can focus on exploration, survival, and building without worrying about their creations being destroyed by enemies. The game’s latest update introduces a hard survival difficulty mode, offering players a more intense and immersive survival experience.

Player Feedback On Survival Damage

Player feedback on survival damage has been mixed, with community reports of starvation and dehydration bugs causing discrepancies in the promised survival challenges. Some players have expressed disappointment with Sons of the Forest, citing the inability to die from starvation or dehydration as initially expected. Discussions also highlight the need for more challenging survival difficulties, with requests for increased freeze damage, quicker hunger and thirst deterioration, and more challenging poison effects. Additionally, some players have encountered issues with custom survival mechanics being broken, indicating a need for improvements in gameplay mechanics. Overall, there are concerns regarding the lack of challenge and immersion in the survival elements of the game, prompting calls for increased difficulty settings and a more engaging gameplay experience.

Navigating Sons Of The Forest’s Hard Mode

Sons of the Forest’s hard survival mode presents challenges for players to overcome. Adapting to reduced food and resources can be difficult, as it affects health and stamina. Proactive strategies for managing these vital aspects are essential. When constructing bases, it’s crucial to consider structural damage concerns to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. By understanding these elements and implementing effective gameplay tactics, players can thrive in Sons of the Forest’s hard mode.

Frequently Asked Questions On Sons Of The Forest Survival Damage

What Is Hard Survival In Sons Of The Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, hard survival mode reduces food spawns, lowers fish and animal spawns, and decreases health and stamina regeneration when cold. It also increases penalties for eating raw or rotten meats.

Does Starvation And Dehydration Damage Sons Of The Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, starvation and dehydration do not cause health damage, only stamina depletion.

What Are The Survival Elements In Sons Of The Forest?

The survival elements in Sons of the Forest include thirst, hunger, and sleep. You need to monitor these to stay alive in the game.

Is Sons Of The Forest A Finished Game?

Yes, Sons of the Forest is nearing its full release after being in Early Access, with the development team actively working on enhancements.


The survival damage mechanics in Sons of the Forest have garnered mixed reviews from players. The concern about the bugged survival elements such as starvation and dehydration has been a point of contention, while the introduction of a hard survival mode has brought some improvements.

Players are looking forward to further refinements to enhance the gameplay experience.

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