How to turn it off are you still watching on Netflix?


What’s Netflix?

It’s a worldwide streaming service which allows people to have unique series, and movies but with subscriptions. An intro to Netflix would be Netflix was at first a DVD delivery service but after streaming video, on demand, the demand increased only day by day. After that Netflix finally decide to take the lead in January 2016 till then many media’s entertainment industries are in battle so that Netflix stream them.

Netflix now is in partnership with top content creators and the entertainment industry people so it’s consistently providing its customers with elevated-quality type original content for all the people who can subscribe to their Netflix platform. This Netflix has its own set of technology which has made it stand out

Anyways, Netflix has reached more than 190 countries including East Asia, Europe, and Australia but due to religious and cultural factors depending on the location it has limited some series and movies. The huge competitor of Netflix is Hulu now.

Is it free in all over the world? 

The free plan is unavailable in all over the world. Although most of the people still can sign up for paid plans and enjoy unlimited services, movies, documentaries, and TV shows with no advertisement. 

Features of Netflix 

As a famous streaming website, it has some good sides such as the  subtitle if you don’t understand the language and subtitles in English are available 

  1. It has a parental control button so parents can easily control which contents they want their young kids to see
  2. It offers highly popular movies, series, and documentaries etc. many  in countries 
  3. Variety in general. Every type is available such as drama, art, and reality shows. Large content library 
  4. Contents are available in almost every device pc, Android, iOS everything is compatible with this.

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Why Netflix Asks “are you still watching”?

In some sources, Netflix has mentioned that Netflix asks this particular question to its customers to prevent the bandwidth or in general electricity, they are wasting. It’s true for the people who are using specially phone data then every single megabyte is valuable. 

Although in other cases it does if you just fall asleep or went to another place so Netflix will stop automatically as you aren’t stopping the Netflix series you aren’t watching. 

In addition, it helps people lose the series or documentary on the exact track. For example, you are tired but you are watching your favorite show on the couch but you fell asleep after several hours when you woke up but it’s not resumed then you won’t know where you had eventually stopped watching. 

Nonetheless, for some customers, it’s more irritating than its advantages. For example, if you watch your favorite show in the mid-day it does not apply to you. 

General techniques: 

Just turn off  Auto play. The solution is a bit commonly used. You just can turn off the AutoPay button so that without your click it won’t even start in the first place. 

It will help you to be more interested while watching, you will enjoy it more and won’t get bored.

To make the unavailable auto play button follow the steps :

  1. Go to your account from your internet browser 
  2. Select profile icon 
  3. Go to the manage profile 
  4. Tap the profile you use 
  5. Take the tick mark off by unchecking the auto play series 

Additionally, these changes depend on one’s profile, so the changes should be done by a 1-to-1 configuration. 

How to make it disabled on a Personal computer? 

However, even though it’s helpful but what if your remote isn’t near you and you are a bit depressed watching your favorite series? Additionally, you can still enervate “Are you have favourite series without even any issue?

In the case of a Personal computer, if you decide to watch Netflix there and you aren’t interested in watching the same title Netflix repeatedly shows

 “Are you still watching  “but here’s one problem Netflix had made this feature invisible so you need techniques to get what you want. Additionally, you can try using a chrome extension to make this fade away. 

If you are watching Netflix on TV then how will you turn off ” are you still watching”?

Various types of browser extensions allow their customers to watch Netflix on tv where there’s no disturbance at all. Also, those extension gives other handful opportunities like cutting the introduction, title parts etc. The thing is whether you use Firefox or Google Chrome you have to see if your tv supports an extension or not. If yes then just add Never ending Netflix or Netflix pause removal.

Turning off ” are you still watching”  on Netflix in case you are using Google Chrome? 

There are some steps you must have to follow to go through it. Steps are :

  1. Go to your Google Chrome browser and open it
  2. Just on the search bar write Netflix pause removal
  3. Then add it to chrome 
  4. Afterwards, add it to the extension 
  5. Go back to Netflix 
  6. Set up the extension 
  7. now you can stream content without disturbance

Turning off ” are you still watching”  on Netflix in case you are using a mobile phone?

There’s no direct approach to turning it off on phone. However,  hereafter playing 3 episodes or 1 hour30 min without disturbance, this prompt will show you”  are you still watching”.

As it’s a phone so you can stop it pretty easily here you need to use some simple controls, you need to let Netflix show you are still here.

You need to make unavailable the auto-play option. As see if you look at this naturally once you turn off auto-display it will do the rest of the work. Like after each episode without your permission it won’t play the other episode 

However, for turning off auto – play you must need a phone or personal computer. Anyways, you can follow the following steps :

  1. Open any browser of your choice and go to the Netflix app
  2. Then just sign in to your account 
  3. Go to locate profile and parental controls 
  4. Select your profile to disable the auto-play
  5. Afterwards come to the playback settings 
  6. uncheck the ” next episode in a series” 
  7. Now you will see the ‘save’ button and save it
  8. now sign out again 
  9. come back to your app through the browser again 
  10.  the new settings have been updated 

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