How To Turn Android Safe Mode On And Off


Is there anything more aggravating than your banking app breaking in the middle of a transaction or your phone slowing down while you’re on a video chat with your boss attempting to exchange a file? Is this a third-party application? Is it possible that it’s your phone? When you don’t know what’s causing the problem, it’s easy to become frustrated. This is when safe mode comes into play. It’s a quick and simple approach to figure out what’s wrong with your Android device.

Safe mode, which temporarily disables third-party apps, is the best approach to detect problems with your Android phone or device. If your device’s speed improves significantly when in safe mode, third-party software is most likely to blame. It’s worth noting that before booting your device into safe mode, you should go online to see if anyone else is having similar problems, like the recent Android System WebView bug that caused apps to crash.

Follow these (very) simple steps to boot your Android device into safe mode. In this manner, you’ll be able to figure out what’s causing your gadget to sputter and slow.

Android Safe Mode On And Off

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How to turn on safe mode on an Android device

The technique for turning on safe mode on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, a Google Pixel 5, or any other Android smartphone or tablet running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later is as follows:

  • Hold down the Power button for a few seconds.
  • Tap and hold the Power Off button.
  • Touch again or tap OK when the Reboot to Safe Mode prompt displays.

Your device will restart, and a Safe Mode prompt will appear in the bottom-left corner. This method is also compatible with LG, HTC, Sony, and a variety of other Android phones.

How to turn off safe mode in Android

Because you don’t want to be stuck in safe mode forever, here’s how to get out of it:

  • Hold down the Power button for a few seconds.
  • Select Restart from the menu.
  • By opening your notification panel and tapping the Safe Mode Enabled notification, you can also disable safe mode.

That is all there is to it. Safe mode can be turned off with a simple reset of your Android device.

How to turn on safe mode with the keys

The technique for turning on your safe mode option with the keys is the same whether you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, an HTC Desire 20 Pro, or an older Android smartphone or tablet like the Samsung Galaxy S4.

  • To turn your device off, press and hold the Power button and select Power Off.
  • Hold the Power button down until the animated Samsung or HTC logo appears.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down button while releasing the Power button.
  • Hold it down until your smartphone turns on.
  • When you see the words “Safe mode” in the bottom-left corner, you can release go.

This solution is compatible with the majority of Android phones and tablets.

What to do in safe mode

While in Safe mode, you can delete harmful apps and use your phone’s fundamental functionalities. If your problem disappears while your phone is in Safe mode, you can either uninstall apps one by one and test in normal mode again to try to find the problem app, or you can factory reset your device and selectively install apps and games, keeping an eye out for any recurrence of the problem after each install.

If your phone continues to crash, overheat, or otherwise function poorly in safe mode, the problem could be with the operating system or the phone’s hardware, not with a downloaded app. Try a factory reset, and if that doesn’t work, contact your retailer, carrier, or phone manufacturer to see if your device can be replaced or repaired.

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