To change the Bluetooth name on your BMW, go to Settings, Bluetooth, select the connected device, then tap on the device name to change it. Changing your BMW’s Bluetooth name can help personalize your driving experience and make it easier to identify your device when connecting.

This simple process can be done directly through your BMW’s Bluetooth settings, allowing you to customize the name to your preference. By following these steps, you can easily change your BMW’s Bluetooth name and enjoy a more personalized and convenient driving experience.

Whether you want to give your car a unique identity or simply make it easier to recognize, customizing your BMW’s Bluetooth name is a straightforward and effective way to do so.

Preparing To Update Bluetooth Settings

To change your BMW’s Bluetooth name, begin by locating the main menu on your vehicle’s infotainment system. Navigate to the Bluetooth settings within the menu, ensuring that your vehicle is stationary during this process. Once in the Bluetooth settings, you can proceed to change the device name as desired. With these simple steps, you can update the Bluetooth name of your BMW and personalize it to your preference.

Steps To Update Bluetooth Name

To update the Bluetooth name of your BMW, first access the vehicle’s iDrive or infotainment system. Navigate to the ‘Communication’ or ‘Connectivity’ options and then locate the ‘Bluetooth’ submenu. Here, you can identify the current Bluetooth name and details. To change the name, select the appropriate option and enter the new desired name. Once the new name is entered, confirm the changes, and the Bluetooth name for your BMW will be updated. It’s important to ensure that the new name complies with any naming conventions or limitations set by the vehicle’s system.

Personalizing Bluetooth Identity

To change your BMW’s Bluetooth name, start by selecting the ‘Rename’ or ‘Edit’ option in the settings menu of your BMW’s Bluetooth system. Enter a new, personalized name for your BMW’s Bluetooth. Once you have entered the new name, be sure to save the changes to apply the new settings. This simple process allows you to give your BMW’s Bluetooth a unique and customized identity, making it easier for you to distinguish and connect to your device.

Ensuring Successful Name Change

To change the Bluetooth name of your BMW, follow these simple steps:

  1. Confirm the new name on paired devices by navigating to Settings —> Bluetooth —> Connected devices and locating your BMW device. Check if the new name is displayed.
  2. If the new name is not reflected, perform a Bluetooth device rescan by turning off Bluetooth on your phone and then turning it back on. This will prompt your phone to search for nearby Bluetooth devices again, potentially updating the displayed name.
  3. Test the Bluetooth connectivity with the new name by pairing your phone with your BMW. Ensure that the new name is visible during the pairing process and that the connection is successful.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

To change the Bluetooth name on your BMW, start by navigating to Settings, then Bluetooth. Connect to the device and click the ‘i’ in the circle for device info. You can then edit the name of the device to customize it to your preference.

This simple process enhances your driving experience.

Common Issue Troubleshooting Steps
Addressing problems with saving the new name
  • Ensure the new name adheres to character limit restrictions.
  • Disconnect the device and reconnect it to the BMW.
  • If the issue persists, perform a system reset on the BMW’s infotainment system.
Resetting the BMW’s infotainment system when needed
  • Access the vehicle’s settings menu and locate the Bluetooth settings.
  • Select the option to reset or reboot the Bluetooth system.
  • Try to rename the device after the reset process.
Seeking professional assistance for technical difficulties
  • If unable to resolve the issue, consider consulting a BMW service professional.
  • Professionals can diagnose potential hardware or software issues related to Bluetooth.

Tips And Tricks

Changing your BMW’s Bluetooth name can be a simple and effective way to personalize your driving experience. When selecting a Bluetooth name, be sure to choose an easily identifiable name that you will recognize when connecting your devices. Consider multiple drivers and profiles, ensuring that each driver can easily identify their own Bluetooth connection. Additionally, maintain consistent naming across all personal devices to streamline the connection process. By following these tips, you can personalize and optimize your BMW’s Bluetooth experience seamlessly.

Advanced Settings And Customization

To change the Bluetooth name on your BMW, navigate to Settings, select Bluetooth, then connect to the device you want to rename. Click the information icon and then edit the device’s name. This customization feature allows you to personalize your BMW experience.

Additional guides are available on BMW forums and YouTube for easy reference.

To change the Bluetooth name of your BMW, you can follow these steps:
1. Access the Settings menu on your BMW’s Bluetooth system.
2. Navigate to the device you want to rename and select it.
3. Look for the option to edit the device name or profile name.
4. Enter the new desired name for the Bluetooth device.
5. Save the changes and exit the settings menu.
This process will allow you to personalize the Bluetooth name associated with your BMW, enhancing your overall driving experience.
How to Change Bmw Bluetooth Name


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Change Bmw Bluetooth Name

How Do I Change My Bluetooth Pair Name?

To change your Bluetooth pair name, go to Settings, then Bluetooth. Find the device you want to rename and click on the info icon (i inside a circle). You can then edit the name of the device as needed. This process is similar for both Android and Windows devices.

How Do I Reset My Bluetooth Device Name?

To reset the Bluetooth device name, go to “Settings” > “Bluetooth” > select the device > click the information icon > rename the device.

How To Change The Bluetooth Name On Bmw?

To change the Bluetooth name on your BMW, go to Settings, select Bluetooth, then click the ‘i’ info button next to the connected device. Here, you can rename the device to the desired name.

Can I Personalize Bluetooth Name For My Bmw?

Yes, you can personalize the Bluetooth name for your BMW. By accessing the Bluetooth settings, you can easily rename the connected device to a customized name of your choice.


Changing your BMW Bluetooth name is a simple process that allows you to personalize your car’s connectivity. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, you can easily modify the name of your Bluetooth device and make it more distinct and recognizable.

Personalizing your BMW’s Bluetooth name adds a touch of individuality and convenience to your driving experience, ensuring a seamless and tailored connection every time.

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