The Best Recipe Apps in 2022


The kitchen has been taken over by apps. With the growing popularity of the best big phones, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that mobile devices loaded with the right apps can serve as a handy digital cookbook, allow cooks and professional chefs to find and organize them as recipes, keep track of shopping lists, and plan menus and meal calendars. Whether it’s a family meal or a romantic evening for two, now is the time to use your mobile device to find delectable recipes – especially if you’re stressed for time. Check out the Best Recipe Apps for Android and iOS, ranging from recipe discovery applications and traditional cookbooks to personal recipe organizers and mixed drink guides.

Food Network Kitchen (Android, iOS: Free)
One of the best recipe applications accessible right now is Food Network Kitchen. You can attend live cooking lessons conducted by well-known celebrity chefs such as Bobby Flay and Ina Garten for a fee of $40 each year. If you enjoy the Food Network TV channel, having its recipes in your hand would be a dream come true. Food Network Kitchen is also compatible with the Alexa-enabled Echo Show 8, allowing you to use the app hands-free.

The Best Recipe Apps

Sidechef (Android, iOS: Free)
As you juggle ingredients and kitchen equipment while keeping track of a recipe, learning to cook might be overwhelming. Sidechef (Android, iOS) assists by providing step-by-step tutorials with photographs, videos, and even audio directions. Timers are included so you may follow along with your hands and eyes freed up. Sidechef, being one of the top recipe apps, also includes a wealth of supplemental content in the form of search options that include filters for ingredients, diet, and featured recipes.

Tasty (Android, iOS: Free)
The Tasty app (Android, iOS) from Buzzfeed is one of the best recipe applications, featuring short, simple, and delicious recipes accompanied by videos that provide superb and punchy visual how-tos. (They’re also simple to share on your chosen social media platform.) From Tasty’s library of over 3000 recipes, you may use the search engine to find meals that are perfect for a specific ingredient, cuisine, or social occasion. You can use filters to find vegan, gluten-free, and other specific recipes.

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Cookpad (Android, iOS: Free)
Cookpad (Android, iOS) seeks to combine the finest features of a recipe tutorial app and a cooking social network by allowing users to find and share crowd-sourced recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts. Users can choose from a large number of recipes, each with its own set of filters for ingredients and special events. You’ll also have access to tools that allow you to share your own results, discuss ideas, and rate recipes. Cookpad is one of the most useful recipe apps available right now.

Yummly (Android, iOS: Free)
Rather than sifting through a sea of recipes in search of that one golden nugget, Yummly (Android, iOS) considers your dietary limitations and preferences to help you locate meals that you might enjoy. As one of the top recipe apps provides you a variety of “Yummy” dishes (another way of saying “like”). Yummly uses this data to constantly develop a list of recipes to feature every time you open the app once you’ve picked five (and input any dietary restrictions). Instacart allows you to bookmark your favorite recipes, create rapid shopping lists, and even order your groceries for delivery.

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Kitchen Stories (Android, iOS: Free)
Kitchen Stories (Android, iOS) is one of the greatest recipe applications, offering a variety of multimedia-rich recipes with easy-to-follow directions, videos, and mouthwatering food imagery, as well as a smattering of food and lifestyle articles. In Kitchen Stories, presentation is key, with recipes provided in a tile interface with food photographs and illustrated step-by-step recipes. You may bookmark your favorite recipes, add notes to each one, and make an ingredient shopping list.

Drop Recipes (Android, iOS: Free)
Drop Recipes (Android, iOS) may appear to be just another recipe app at first glance. But it’s how Drop works with smart kitchen appliances like its original Drop Scale and smart ovens from Bosch and GE that makes it possible to do things like perfectly pre-heat your oven for your next roast or dynamically resize your recipe’s ingredients list based on how much of the main ingredient you have on your Drop Scale. Drop Recipes is one of the greatest recipe applications, with hundreds of recipes that you can adjust to match the goods in your pantry, as well as step-by-step pictures and handy extras like built-in timers that can sync with your phone.

The Best Recipe Apps

Tastemade (Android, iOS: Free)
Tastemade is a great place to go if you enjoy your recipes and culinary videos to have a little bit of travel and culture in them (Android, iOS). Tastemakers and young chefs with a culinary bent are all featured on the app. “Breaking Bread,” about cooks who use food to make a difference in their communities, and “The Grill Iron,” about football-crazed cities and lavish tailgate feasts, are among the highlights. A premium subscription removes these restrictions and allows users to access and save an unlimited quantity of content and shows.

The Liquor Cabinet (iOS: Free)
If you’re looking for a free cocktail recipe app, go no further than The Liquor Cabinet. The free cocktail recipes app includes a hundred different recipes made with the “basic six” (agave, brandy, gin, rum, vodka, and whiskey), each with precise instructions, ingredient lists, and a brief description of the drink and liquor. You may filter the recipe list using a variety of filters, such as the base liquor used and flavor profile tags, and you can bookmark your favorite beverages for quick access.

Cheftap (Android, iOS: Free)
Cheftap (Android, iOS) is a freemium Android recipe manager that performs a superb job of importing recipes from your favorite website and organizing your collection with a range of options. Cheftap’s built-in recipe scraper will help you to import recipes from other websites or blogs, as well as from your Epicurious or Allthecooks recipe box. Recipes can be tagged and edited by users. With a free account, you can save 50 recipes offline and 100 recipes with a paid membership. Premium features such as unlimited recipe importing and cloud backup and syncing are also included with a ChefTap Pro account.

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